Light on the path

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-The way not reach but we reach from way.
-The first step of cognition is acceptance of ignorance.
-Understanding of that I know only nothing
-Throughout ambitions from the life
-What I discover? Anand
-What I am? Soul or body or brahma or Astitva or universe, off course all.
-Every one is discovering that how we can end of sadness and achieve enjoy (anand).
-The law of life is paradoxical.
-If you save something, you lost everything.
-Life is not sad but desire is sad.
-90 daises out of hundred came from your invitation and rest 10 came from these 90.
-Intelligence breaking the things and analytic of particles.
more intelligence, more worries.
-Science can give only the useful facts and power but not endless truth and freedom of soul.
-I am not different from the ASTITVA, if I hurt anyone, I will also hurtle.
-What is death? Break the myth that I am not different from astitva.


light on the path

Our intuition is our light which leads us to go on each and every kind of path.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 09/08/2009 - 16:08