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“Dear Citizens of the world,

This is an Appeal from Guruji Krishnananda, Taponagara, Bangalore Urban 562149, and India. The institution teaches Meditation and Light Channeling for Universal Love and Peace.

On 26th February 2009, Thursday, I and my associates are arranging a unique Event at Bangalore (Koramangala Indoor Stadium). It is channeling Light by all the gathered for 7 minutes from 19.30 hours IST (14:00 GMT) for healing the world. We appeal to everyone to join us from your own places, at the same time, to channel the Light.

Light also brings Peace and Love. Light helps. Light helps the individual and the world.

Join the Light Channels World Movement by channeling Light daily for 7 minutes when you wake up or go to bed.

Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine the Light entering you and filling you up. Experience the Peace and Love of the Light and then imagine the Light spreading out from you filling up your surroundings and then, gradually, the entire world.

Love and Peace “

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Opening to unknown energy sounds as harmless but it is not always so. If the intentions and facts declared above are true and honest then it is fine but you cannot know. This opening means you are willing to be vulnerable and exposed to alien force and that may be dangerous - it might be a deceiving campaign of evil or manipulative forces who aim at regaining control and/or obtaining forces on earth using naive soul agents who innocently were willing to expose themselves for a presumably good cause. It happened in the past and there are mental and spiritual casualties.

Many good people are not aware to the possible danger to themselves and to the world and say to themselves: why not? on the worst case, this will lead to nothing. Well, it may lead to a personal as well as global negative influence - PLEASE CHECK METICULOUSLY WHO IS HIDING BEHIND THE CAMPAIGN BEFORE YOU AGREE TO SUBMIT TO IT. DO NOT PARTICIPATE UNLESS YOU PERSONALLY KNOW SOMEONE OF THE ORGANIZERS WHOM YOU HAVE FULL TRUST IN.

avi | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 16:51