Light in the Darkness - Watching the Sunrise

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In medieval times, there was a wide spread belief that light was the purest form of God's power; his essence. This is reflected in the wonder of the stained glass windows of the great cathedrals.

In many ancient and modern tribes there is a tradition of sitting in meditation during the sunrise and sunset. The power of the sunrise and sunset is unmistakable in scientific or primitive terms.

"Each Dawn, in the sunrise,
I am gratitude.
Each eve, in the sunset,
I am Trust."

The sunrise, bringing today's promise, is another occasion for gratitude and boundless joy. The sunset, brings rest in the trust that if "tomorrow " never comes, the light still never goes out.

And this is it; what we seek, this light that never goes out. Whether we conceive of our selves as "wrapped in light ", or "lost in the embrace of God.", there is a wonder to this light. Gratitude and trust need be our only "practice " and "prayer ".

To paraphrase the Bible, 'the light shown in the darkness, but the darkness perceived it not.' This "perceiving not " of that which is all around us; this light, this awareness, is at the heart of the confusion of mankind. But the answer is also right before us. It is the "practice" of gratitude and prayer. Whether you actually sit and watch the sunrise or sunset regularly (which I highly recommend!), or you are moved by the swirling patterns of stained glass reflected on the floors of cathedrals or temples, it is worth taking the time each day to re-connect with grateful, trusting, wordless prayer. For the moment you are "lost " in gratitude; in silent "connection ", you are bathed in the light, and no darkness is left to "perceive it not".