The Light bulb Theory!

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ok, here's one more... been a full on few week... sold our house, bought some land, moving back onto the land! looking forward to sharing that with my family and also looking forward to change... a system refresh! need that!!

so... this one was 7 months ago too.

The Light Bulb theory
This is a concept I've had for a few years and just seems to fit with all this new religion of mine.
If I think of my self as a light bulb shining away. If I had no thoughts, feelings, then the glass of the bulb would be completely clear. In gift shops here you can by those painted bulbs – bulb painted with a special glass paint, so the bulbs shine all sorts of patterns and colours.
I see myself as like one of these bulbs… But my colours are always changing, depending on what I am feeling, thinking, etc.
Now… So, there is a room of people chatting away, interacting… A room of different coloured lightbulbs… Lets say anger is red and I am angry… So the light of me (the inner filament) still shines its pure light, but as it passes through the glass stained red, all other light but red is stopped and only red shines out… But also, any light coming in is also filtered through that glass… And I literally only see red!!
I like this concept… when I am feeling angry, it puts an 'angry' filter over my whole reality, changes the way I perceive things… I get those days… When they start off bad, and I get in a shitty mode… Then, the universe is just against me!! But the universe hasn't changed, only my light bulb colour has, my filter… So I'm blocking out the easy, and only letting in the hard!!
Same on the positive end of things… When I feel in harmony, then I seem to be able to connect to reality around me in a much closer, more natural way… This is because my glass has less colour to it, so I'm getting everything… And I suppose I I am feeling really happy (lets call that yellow) then maybe it actually filters out anything but happy… I know some people like that… Really happy… But if you say anything not happy, it's like they don't hear you.
I'm sure 'yellow' is better than 'red'… But, in my religion, I'm going for regular fixes of clear… Clear doesn't mean emotionless, thoughtless… Is just means natural… Experiencing Truth.
Then, also being aware of my 'colours'… Trying to be objective… So I can self-check… Am I seeing things through rose-coloured glass, or black glass, or blue… Really useful (sometimes – if I ain't too shitty) to remind myself… This 'bad day' is me… Not the day. Reality hasn't changed, my perception of it has.
The light bulb theory is interesting when I think about general communication… When I am talking to someone, my thoughts, ideas pass out as words, through my emotional 'colours', then pass in through the colours of the person I am talking too.. So they are filtered twice… Then she/he responds/reacts, talks back to me… That passes back out through their colours and in through mine! No wonder we get miscommunication… In a way, much of what we say/hear is really ourselves, our colours.
This reminds me of a hilarious situation when I was in India once… I was in a jewellery wholesale store and the was this German Guy whose english wasn't so good yelling at the Indian Store owner, whose English also wasn't so good. Neither of them was actually understanding correctly what the other was saying… They were actually having two completely different conversations… I could understand them both, and listened amazed as the two conversations got further and further apart… Yet they were still both totally engaged with the other, responding to their replies! I think so often, conversations are like this…
I lived in a community for 9 years and we had meeting after meeting after meeting… And I realised, over time, that many of us (myself included) were just waiting to say what we wanted… Then, when other were talking, we were just waiting like a hungry dog, for our next 'feed' of 'I am talking now'. Not listening at all… Just waiting for the next gap to jump in.
A room full of really deeply coloured bulbs! Really dark, intense light. The 'colours' on our bulbs, along with what emotions we are feeling, can also be our beliefs, dogmas, memories, cultural upbringing… All adding more and more colour. And religions are a great way of plastering on more colour, more filters too! The 'I dislike gay people' filter… Or maybe the 'the world will end soon' filter… Or the 'all religions are valid, but mine is still the best' filter… Or the 'I am a sinner, I am a sinner'… Or 'we are the chosen ones'… Or 'our god is the only true god'… Or 'there is no god'… So many filters.
I can't comment on what filters are good or bad… This is a journey of making my own religion… That is all I comment on (but, of course, I'm full of judgement, and quite a lot of self-bullshit too, so will often be doing just what I say others shouldn't! Quite funny really).
Ha! My wife just came in, glowing happy… She says 'I'm so lucky to have such beautiful kids and a great husband… ' and she explained how when she thinks this way she feels so good..
The 'I'm so lucky' sounds like a pretty good filter to use.
It's a beaut day today, its Saturday and perfectly sunny, late summer so not too hot… I think I'll give the 'I'm so lucky' filter a crack today too…
I'm so lucky to have a day like this!!!

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Thanks for these words

Thanks for these happy words.You have a gift of sharing your experiences so easily. I am sure your writings will help many people. Do make a book out of them.
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Tue, 10/25/2011 - 15:19