Life without Control

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To live is to act, yet is there a need of doer or controller. To me the kernel of spiritual life is in living a full life which does not require a controller.

Does it mean that we can live as we like? Certainly not, for sane judgment does not require a judge who is prejudiced, but am impartial view. This impartial view does not have a foothold or is not rooted in any concept or point of view and hence cannot be personal.

This also means that knowledge being limited, can be of no help to live a sane and healthy life. Its use is purely for outward functioning. Yet when it weaves a psychological structure of beliefs, defenses or strategies and a control center that the problem begins.

"What is" cannot be grasped by thought at all. Thought is an abstraction of perception by the observer and that would be limited even for the most advanced Yogi for reality or whole is even beyond that. This can be seen even for mundane events which are brought about by complex interaction at various levels that cannot be grasped by mind.

Now the question remains what is one to do? I can only act as impartially as is feasible or observe and be a witness to my wrong actions. The result is never in my control. If I do not give thought overdue importance than is necessary, it will fall in its place and restore the harmony which it disturbed by creating a center and thinking as if it is the center of the world.

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I like the concept of 'controller'... i know this part in me very well!!! really complicates the simplicity of Life. the controller needs to control because it core is FEAR of losing control... losing control of what!! the faxt i might think i am in control is an illusion...

thanks for your thoughts... will dwell on that today.

Papalam | Fri, 12/09/2011 - 23:53