Life is a mixture of periods of joy and sorrows.

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11) One should grow in life emulating the example of a coconut tree by being useful to the society. Growth should not be like a wild tree, serving no purpose.
12) Life should follow the example of a green crop that is fully useful to the mankind. It should never be like a mine abandoned halfway through.
13) Life is a mixture of periods of joy and sorrows. Develop the courage to welcome both with equal zeal.
13-12- 1992
14) Life is like a river of humanity flowing. In this huge crowd we come across both friends and foes. We should learn to be comfortable in all companies.
01-06- 1993
15) It is very difficult to be totally rid of all the bonds in life. Fulfill your personal responsibilities and social obligations to the extent possible.

16) Life is like a wrestling competition. If one makes a foul move or indulges in a wrong play, the hands are automatically tied up and beaten up badly till the inner ego is killed.
04-01- 1993
17) Life and journey by train are similar with Kith and kin as co – passengers. Later when a decision to change over to another train (spiritual path) is taken, your own people may not prefer to accompany you.
06-01- 1993
18) What we do not have in life is not important. What matters most is whether we are contented with what we have.
19) Life in the last stage is like the travel with one’s wife in a vintage car. The only obstacles in your journey are any mischief committed by your grand children or your desire to eat any thing on the wayside.
20) Life is like a forest where all sorts of animals live. Offer Protection to the weaker ones. Do not permit torturing them or derive pleasure in watching them struggle for life. In the process if they are killed, you have to run to avenge the bigger killer.