Life has no purpose

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Life has no Purpose. Only when one is not aware of the true fact, that 'I' is not the true self, will remain in the grip of illusion of experince of duality, feels that life has purpose.

The 'I', which appears as mind, in the form of Waking or dream. The dream and Waking, both are experince of duality. The Waking and dream disappears as deep sleep, where there is no duality. The invisible witness of the three states, which appears and disappears in succession, is the true self, which is formless non dual spirit or Ataman.

The Waking is as real as dream, on the standpoint of true self, that is spirit.Since religion takes the birth,life and death as reality, not being aware the fact, that the birth,life and death are happenings within the mind.Since they limit the mind, to the physical identity,whereas mind is the whole experince of duality, that is the person and his experince of the world together.

To know the world and its perceiver is part of the illusion, seeker has to know, the true self is not 'I', but the knower of the 'I'.Only when one becomes fully aware of the knower,then only it is possible to realize the fact that life has no purpose, because it is part and parcel of the mirage.
The seekers who strongly believe, that the life has purpose will not be able to discover and realize, the reality of their own existence. Since they believe their present identity, as true identity, and imagine on the base of false identity that life has a purpose.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the true identity is not 'I', but the invisible knower of the 'I'. Otherwise one will remain in the confusion and doubts forever.

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How do you know that life has no purpose?

How do you know that life has no purpose?

banana | Tue, 08/05/2008 - 15:17
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Hi Banana
One thing to notice is that purpose is based on the perception of lack. There must be the appearance that something is needed or there can be no purpose defined. Hencely, the only place purpose shows up is in the illusion of separation where lack is perceived.

Another way of looking at it may require a new concept of God. The source of the illusion of time is not functioning in time. The source of things that think is not thinking. To define a purpose requires thought, which requires time.

The dream is unfolding spontaneously. That is, nobody is doing it for a reason any more than your nightly dreams have a reason. You don't lay in bed before you go to sleep and define the purpose of your dreaming, though most folks will define a purpose for dreaming in general because that's what we do. However, the waking dream does have a spontaneous direction, meaning that it goes someplace by it's nature, and we can't really go wrong by taking this on as our purpose; aligning with where life is taking us anyway.

The perception of need forms a movement toward its fulfillment (We're all looking for happiness) and permanent fulfillment is ultimately not possible within the dualistic illusion, and so eventually it will be seen that nothing works but transcending the illusion all together, which is Truth. So, ultimately, everything is moving toward this Truth because it's the only thing that ends in fulfillment. Nothing has decided that it is so, it's just what is happening.


Phroggy | Tue, 08/05/2008 - 19:17
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It is the same as saying that life does have a purpose

To say without doubt that life has no purpose is exactly like arguing without doubt that life has a purpose.

Both are just speculations disguised as knowledge as we have no idea whatsoever about how all this works.

I think one arrives at an advanced spiritual point when he is willing to admit to himself: I have no idea if life has a purpose or not, and moreover, I do not mind.

nathan | Thu, 08/07/2008 - 16:34
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Nothing to be known.

Hi Nathan
Ohh, I know I'm going to get in trouble for this. No, it's not my speculation that life does not have a purpose. It is possible for you to know (yes, without doubt) what is not so. Illusion can be revealed for what it is. It's not anybody's job to know what is True, because nothing is ultimately True. This is not knowledge, it's the realization that nothing is known to be True. Only Truth is True, and that's not knowledge.


Phroggy | Thu, 08/07/2008 - 19:33
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Good, Life has no purpose good title.What purpose you are talking about your presence in this world has no existence and you are still judging your life for purpose or no purpose .There is no 'I', no 'YOU', no 'WE' nothing all are one and one to none .Just live life.

crazydiogene | Sat, 08/09/2008 - 08:43