Life is like an empty pot and has no use unless it is filled with water.

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61) Life is like an empty pot and has no use unless it is filled with water. Similarly a man's life has no purpose unless God finds a place in his heart.
62) Life is like a story of Bethal and Vikram in which you assume the role of the Vikram. Your job is to reach the destination (to attain moksha). Bethal symbolizes ups and downs in life.
63). Desire for material things in life is like a goat standing on a wall with leaves, fruit and vegetables on either side. Jumping down, unable to resist the temptation to eat leads only to breaking of it’s legs.
64) Journey through life is like riding a bicycle. Travel with your wife seated behind, sharing all the highlights of the life together.
65) Life is like a sea - shore. The waves roll on to it leaving certain sea creatures on the shore. The small crustations survive while the larger creatures and fish struggle in meagre amount of water that remains after the wave recedes. God's grace alone makes the crustations return to the sea.

66) To undertake a peaceful and safe journey through life, one should have limited number of friends and relatives. Travel with the load matching your capacity. Do not interfere in others affairs.
67) Life is like a train journey in to the infinite but It is back to the place where it started (mother’s womb i.e. the origin).
68) Life is like performances on a trapeze without the safety net placed below, If you must swing, do so remembering me. I shall offer protection with my own hands.
69) Life is an endless journey. You are only a traveler acquiring different forms in the process.
70) Life is like a journey on a sail boat accompanied by your wife (sail). Use the sail only when the winds are blowing for proper navigation. With out winds, usage of the sail only obstructs the vision.