Life & Death

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It is an interesting question why we separate life and death. We take death to mean something that happens with the body at the very end of life span. As to what living is, we have never given a thought except to say its opposite of death. Life and death could be one unitary movement in true living if we only cared to enquire. What I am suggesting is that they may be two poles between which this whole living process takes place.

Let us take a man at the instant of physical death. At that very instant all that he has is the total accumulated past but no possibility of New. This accumulation of past does not have any capacity of renewal unless light of Consciousness shines on it. Does the Light of Conscious have anything to do with the past? It may have no relation to past except that it illumines it like the Sun illumining all things. Sun does not directly participate in the dealings of the day but merely shines. Sun is the life giver energy and without its energy it is difficult to know of any life form. On the same lines it is difficult to think of any life form without Consciousness.

Now the question to be asked is whether Consciousness is a product of matter as Science believes. Yes, Science believes may seem strange but yet when it comes to Consciousness all it has is a belief system. Now there may be an experimental method to find out whether Consciousness has independent existence which of course lies outside the domain of Science for it can only be proved by a person subjectively in him.

This experimentation takes us to understand what past is and what is new which is not contained in time. This understanding has to be more than intellectual and this is where energy comes in. With the coming together of New and Old (past) there arises energy whose nature could be studied and its various grades made a note of. Now one of the finding that is easy to come by is that more the Conscious element in a product (of old & new) finer and more vital the energy. Thus the study of energy will give us to understand the nature of past and new.

We may then realise that to separate Life & Death is erroneous and living is a play of these two, right from the moment we are born to the time we die.