Letting Go of Thoughts in Meditation

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"Meditation can be as simple as
not being caught up in thinking;
not holding on to anything.

Thoughts arise
and you grab hold of them;
you get involved with them.
That is where all trouble starts.

So first,
be willing to recognize
when you are caught up in thoughts,
regardless of the content of the thoughts.
That is a huge step right there:
seeing that you are caught up in thinking.

Then you can let go of the thoughts
your are involved with.
You don't let go of the thought
to grab something else.
Rather, you just rest in letting go.
You rest in that place of
not holding on to anything.

Then you are no longer a something.
You are formless consciousness.

However long you are not identified with thoughts,
you are free from the ego,
you are free from separation
and all the suffering that goes with it.

You will discover how incredibly
complex the thinking process is
to constantly create your world of separateness
yet how simple it is to let it all go in an instant.

And as you remain in that letting go,
all of the tendencies to be pulled back
into thinking begin to get burned away.
And you begin to feel that this place
of not holding on to anything,
is your natural state.

If you are not holding on to anything,
then you simply are,
everything simply is.
and you are fulfilled
in that is-ness.

Because your very nature is fulfillment.
Your very nature is delight.

It may take a while to get used
to that contentment
because you are so used to the habit
of seeking something separate from you
to fulfill you.

You have to get used to this feeling
of being free; of being formless.

Much love,


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