Letting Go...

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As this year comes to an end,
And as we let go the passing moment
embrace the present moment
{which is what we constantly are doing-whether we realise it or not..!! }

Wishing all at gurusfeet

A little poem by Jeff Foster:

Jeff Foster(www.lifewithoutacentre.com)

I used to believe
(and "believe" is the operative word)
that I was enlightened
and that others weren't.
How ironic.

I used to believe
that there was no such thing as enlightenment
and all spiritual teachings were dualistic and false.
"Nonduality" was the only true teaching.
How arrogant.

I used to believe
that there was "nobody here" who could ever awaken.
"Nothing to do and nowhere to go" was my new un-spiritual spiritual mantra.
How over-simplistic.

I used to believe
that there was no time and no space
and no possibility of any kind of change whatsoever.
How nihilistic.

I used to believe
that there was no "I" who could believe any of this
or not.
How funny!
(How innocent, too.)

Waking up does not mean settling on some rigid belief system
and constantly regurgitating it to anybody who will listen.

Waking up means clearly seeing beyond belief
It means fearlessly meeting life without protection
It means sinking into the deep acceptance inherent in the moment
It means letting go of all ideas of ourselves
Including the idea that we are 'finished' in some way.

We are never finished
and we are only ever Now.
This is the great knife edge of awakening.

It is easy to fall. I fell many times myself. I have seen many others fall. And I see them falling now.

There is great humility in realising
that we never knew a damn thing.

And that awakening was never about "me".

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :-)