Lets be closer to God

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There was a young man with an extremely kind heart and a pure soul, the scion of a noble family, who was deeply interested in Spirituality. He was humble and courteous to all beings and possessed great respect for the seekers of Truth.
One day a holy man met him. “Dear Young Man ,” said he, “it is time you have a Guru”. Who will lead you along the right path. I can assure you that i have achieved enough to be your guide. If you so wish, I can give demonstration of my merits.”
“Can you? What kind of demonstration are they, Sir?” asked the curious young man.
“I can remain buried under the earth for days together, I can live under the water too for days at a stretch and, for your confidential information, I can even fly! I have achieved such feats through strenuous practice of Yogic and Tantric principles for years!” stated the holy man.
“Your achievements are impressive. But there are many others i know who can perform these feats. They are right here. Why not I accept them as my Guru?” asked the young man.
The holy man looked surprised and a bit agitated. “I challenge you to show them to me!” he shouted.
“Come on, Sir,” said the young man quietly. He led the holy man into his garden.
He dug a little into the earth and showed a worm. “Look here, Sir, this can remain under the earth for years, what to speak of days!” Drawing the holy man’s attention to his pond, he said “Look at those fishes and that tortoise over there. They can remain under the water all their life.” Then pointing at a bird, he said, “here’s the one who can fly!”
The holy man stood stunned.
“Sir, what i need is to feel closer to God. That is the only feat i care for. I have no need for powers which creatures inferior to man posses!” explained the young man.
The “Holy Man” knelt down before him and said, “I met my Guru!!!”

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Very nice.

Quantum | Sat, 09/19/2009 - 20:13
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Along that line....

Something similar.

One day, a poor fisherman was lounging on his boat on the beach, basking in the sun, after he eaten his catch. A businessman walking along the beach saw the fisherman and being good natured, saw how he might better the life condition of the fisherman. Striking a conversation, the business man said, why don't you work more hours, catch more fish, sell them at the market, put away 10% in an account that gives you interest, and as you are able, buy another boat, and another, hire others, and catch more and more fish, and eventually be able to buy more boats and employ more workers for yourself and increase you profits and net worth?

Why would I want to do all that, asked the poor fisherman still lying lazily on his boat?

"So that you can have free time for yourself to relax and enjoy your life, my good man," said the busness man.

The fisherman replied, "Sir, what do you think I am doing now?"

Quantum | Sat, 09/19/2009 - 20:57