Let Love Into Your Life

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Let Love Into Your Life

Discourse: Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

We receive kripa or grace of God through ashirwad or blessings of gurus, elders and nature. Ashirwad is a single verse – that is, uni-verse – that emerges from the Supreme to generate the whole cosmos with its tremendous power. That is why we call God’s creation ‘Universe’.

The infinite power of grace constantly shapes and rejuvenates our lives. When we breathe, the air fills our lungs with oxygen without gauging whether we are sinners or saints and the Sun shines equally upon mansions and hutments. The grace we receive each moment decides the quality of our lives, but most of us have come to call it ‘luck’. An average person regards abundant grace as ‘good luck’ and lack of grace as ‘bad luck’. So, if we assume we have 10 per cent grace, it means we have 10 per cent ‘good luck’ and 90 per cent bad luck’, in layman’s language.

Grace flows equally to each one of us, and our own receptivity to it decides how much we are receiving. We can increase our receptivity through external means of worship and rituals or internally by means of spiritual enquiry. The main function of grace is to help us understand ourselves. We may think we know our friends well and can perhaps predict how they will behave in a given situation, but ironically we are not aware of our own true identity. This is where grace plays a key role. When it envelops us, we realise that all our relationships are impermanent except that of our relationship with the Self. Our own pure inner core pulsates with infinite energy.

Just as we hardly use our own name, we rarely tune into our own Self. When we find time to tune in everyday, our mind stops jumping around. It feels light and easy and takes us to deeper levels of inner experience. We start transcending our senses, our thoughts, as our sadhana remains uninterrupted over longer periods of time. We start feeling inner silence because we are enveloped by grace that reveals unconditional love. Life is an inward journey from outer relationships to inner relationship, from loving selfishly to loving selflessly. The word ‘life’ is an acronym for ‘Love Invited For Ever’. When we realise this, we begin to vibrate with purity and the mind becomes an altar to God. Krishna, the personification of madhura or unconditional love, says: “Lock Me up in your heart and throw away the key. Imprison Me with your love and My grace will envelop you forever.” When we do this, life becomes ‘Love Invited For Ever’.

You may have acquired qualifications; you may be earning well, but unless you understand who you are inside, you will never feel fulfilled. When you discover your true inner Self, all good things will automatically flow to you. You will have abundance not just for yourself, but also for the whole world. You will become the personification of peace, success and bliss. So, let’s fill our lives with one hundred per cent grace by meditating for some time everyday, submitting to inner experience. Invite divine grace into your life and become ‘Love Invoked For Ever’.

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Your Guruji - How beautifully he speaks

I have always been confused at how people keep saying, "God is love." I wasn't feeling it that way--God to me has always been Joy, ecstasy, clarity, infinity and eternity...but I didn't get the "love" from God, or people or even nature.

Then, last night in Darshan, my beloved master explained that a true interpretation of love is "worship." When I heard that, eveything fell into place.

"Love Invited For Ever" sounds like worship to me. Holy, sacred, alive, and personal - the reason the heart beats, even once, the effort exerted, the "hallelujah."

Thank you for your quote...it is very beautiful and enlightening.


Gilana | Fri, 05/28/2010 - 15:52
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Namaste Gilana

Dear Gilana, Please log in to speakingtree.in and you can find mind opening and heart realizing pearls of wisdom from Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji.

Best Regards,

"When we remove the darkness(PAIN) of others; we will start seeing light(JOY) in our own self"

"Wipe a Tear;Remove a Pain"

Chethan Prasad | Thu, 04/07/2011 - 07:11
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Let Love into your Life

Dear Enlighted Soul,
Thankyou verymuch ,you have beautifully explained.

We have filled up our mind with all junks,we have to first empty it and then creat a space for filling it with GOD'S LOVE....which is in abundance........constantly flowing....we have to TUNE UP......to RECEIVE it.
Meditation is the best way to TUNE UP with the VIBRATION of GOD.

bonya basu | Sun, 06/27/2010 - 11:35
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Namaste Basu Ji

Dear Basu Ji, Please log in to speakingtree.in and you can find mind opening and heart realizing pearls of wisdom from Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji.

Best Regards,

Chethan Prasad | Thu, 04/07/2011 - 07:12
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Thank you so much.

bonya basu | Thu, 04/07/2011 - 11:40