Let the Living Now Awaken Your Spiritual Enlightenment

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This is an article by spiritual teacher Sage http://www.gurusfeet.com/guru/sage

Let the Living Now Awaken Your Spiritual Enlightenment

THERE IS A SAYING YOU CAN NOT STEP into the same stream twice.

Indeed this very water has flowed on, moved on, making way for the new to enter. This is also true of the timelessness of the now. This moment to moment living cannot be relived and experienced again-for it too has passed on by, moved on, flowing as one stream of awakened consciousness.

Yet the mind wants to recapture and relive an experience that gives us happiness and pleasure. It is this pleasure derived from sensation, and the memory of it, that entraps the mind into seeking further experiences that stimulate the response of pleasure from where all desire is born. And just as there are innumerable experiences to experience, so too are there inexhaustible desires to be fulfilled. Desire breeds attachment and attachment engenders bondage-that is the law. However, if the mind is continually entrapped by desire and the search of never ending experience, is it ever possible for us to experience stillness of mind, centeredness of being and connection to spirit? Because if we do not experience this sacredness of universal consciousness, or better still-live it, how will we ever realise our true nature and bliss of being?


Meditation, yoga, spiritual teachings, together with all the new age spiritual healing and the current psycho-spiritual transcendental approaches, surely indicate an inward need for change from where something is fundamentally wrong with our current approach to living. This striving for a new consciousness of being, a transcendental way of living, clearly indicates discontentment and disillusionment. So what is missing in our lives? We have never been wealthier as a society. So why are we fundamentally unhappy, discontented? Socially and spiritually dislocated?


Is it because we are living life predominately through our mind? And this mind, however erudite, knowledgeable, sophisticated is incapable of understanding the totality of living? We think knowledge will solve life’s problems and bring us to a new humanity; so we stay within the field of thought, hoping it will bring us complete happiness. However, our lives are still full of problems; we live with wars, violence, poverty, greed, corruption, ill-health and the myriad of social disorders.

The irrefutable fact is thought has not brought this complete happiness humanity so desperately requires. We are still no closer to spiritual oneness and enlightenment, despite all the efforts of thought and knowledge. Thought has given us astonishing technical advances in medicine, science and information intelligence. It has created the external world around us and the society we live in. Nevertheless, we must collectively realise thought and knowledge are indispensable for our functional living that creates order and security in our day to day living, but is seriously limited, and therefore incapable of touching the limitlessness of the now where life is truly lived and our spiritual enlightenment realised.

We have given thought precedence over spirit that resides in every one of us to govern life direction. Instead of reaching out to the heart and entrusting spirit to lead us to awakened consciousness, we have lived with the hedonism of the ego-self that only has its self-interest at heart. If we are ever going to awaken to spiritual enlightenment and embody our divinity, thought itself must come to realise its fallibility and incapacity to understanding the transcendental reality which it seeks. This realisation brings thought to the fact that all seeking only leads one away from enlightenment, and not closer to it. When this happens, mind as the movement of thought and time, comes to a stop without any will or effort from the mind.


Through the act of meditation, which moves us out of the mind and into awareness, universal conscious becomes a mirror where we see ourselves exactly as we are and how we live life. From this witnessing presence, independent from thought, we are able to see ourselves in our entirety which is impossible while ever we are in the domain of thought and self. In this pure state of awareness, insight and realisation bear wisdom and transform our life into complete order; instead of thought and knowledge which only conditions the mind. Therefore, fundamental change comes from within and not from without-which only entraps the mind in belief, dogma and ideologies.

Thus, the goal of all spiritual endeavours is to connect to this universal awakened conscious, while in a state of choiceless awareness, where thought can be watched and observed to dissolve in the ocean of universal consciousness. From this choiceless awareness comes a new intelligence that is love, complete order and sacredness of being. Instead of the mind being confined to the narrow field of thought and the aggregates of the self, it has opened itself to the Buddha mind, which is unbounded, incomprehensible, beyond thought and time.