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The Jewish concept that GOD IS THE JUDGE is of great importance. It means that NO MAN HAS THE AUTHORITY TO JUDGE. Judgment should be left in God's hands. Yet man goes on judging, saying, "This is right and that is wrong," and "This should be done and that should not be done." This is simply an ego trip! If God is the only judge, then who are we to decide? And how can we decide? --we don't know the whole story.

LIFE IS SO COMPLICATED that you only become acquainted with a part. You may have lived with someone your whole life and be acquainted only with a part of his behavior. You don't know his intentions, you don't know his unconscious; and even his behavior is not totally known to you.

IT IS ALMOST LIKE YOU TEAR A PAGE FROM A NOVEL: you read it, and you judge the novel. That judgment will be absurd, because you cannot judge by one page. You will not know anything by reading a single page--you won't know what happened before or what will happen after. And that's how we know people: WE KNOW ONLY VERY SMALL FRAGMENTS.

Even lovers don't know each other in their totality. In fact, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW ANOTHER PERSON TOTALLY. Only God can know the total. Only He can read your whole soul like a story, from the beginning to the end. And without that, every judgment will be wrong.

SO DON'T JUDGE. Jesus says, "Judge ye not!" He says: Don't even judge evil. If it appears absolutely wrong, then too don't judge -- because existence is so complex. Something may look evil and may not be, and something may look good and may not be. Things are complicated. And everything is only a part of a long chain. One never knows how it began and how it is going to end. Only because God knows the whole, can He judge.

AND GOD CAN JUDGE, BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE. And when love judges, nothing ever goes wrong... because love knows how to forgive. Love forgives absolutely. Because love can forgive, it can judge. You cannot forgive, so you cannot judge!

GOD IS LOVE. We can open our hearts to God. We can stand in utter nudity before Him with absolute certainty that we will be forgiven. He is love and compassion -- qualities of tremendous beauty.

SO DON'T JUDGE OTHERS! Open your heart. There is no need to hide, no need to cover up, no need to be afraid. God is love. Let God be the judge!


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Judging not to judge others is also a judgment.

Nathyogi | Tue, 09/16/2014 - 05:28
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You don't understand what judgment is

Sorry but this is silly - deciding not to judge is not judgement, there is a limit to words games, words have meaning after all, they are not just meant to serve as rhymes. Judgement is concluding about the whole of something based on one characteristic.

kalgo | Tue, 09/16/2014 - 06:49
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Re: You don't understand what judgment is

You are free to judge me silly. You don't understand the import of my comment but jumped to judge me.
Everyone is free to judge others according to his/her truth, knowledge and wisdom and is free to decide the path that suits him/her.
The wise will never follow or obey others blindly without judging.
Words only try to express the truth but truth is beyond words. This is the experience of the wise.

Nathyogi | Tue, 09/16/2014 - 08:34