Lesson of Surrender from a Cat

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One morning, when I was in the ashram, Pujya Guruji was looking around for something. I looked at Pujya Guruji wondering what He wanted. Reading my mind, Pujya Guruji replied, "The cat Badakali is not to be seen from morning. Can you search for it, Ashwini?"

I was so happy that Pujya Guruji had given me a task, and with enthusiasm, I started searching every nook and corner of the three-storied building of the ashram. I continued doing so with the ego that ‘I’ was going to find it and make Pujya Guruji happy and that ‘I’ would finish the task assigned to ‘me’. Still, this search went on and on for more than an hour, but there was no sign of Badakali. With no other option, helplessly, I stood in front of Pujya Guruji's Peeta and prayed, "Gurudeva, I understand now that this is one of your “leelas” – divine play - to vanquish my ego. With this ego, I am unable to do the task assigned to me. Please remove it and use me as Your tool." Immediately, I heard behind me - "Meow, meow.” When I turned, there was Badakali, right behind me, and beside her stood none other than Pujya Guruji! With a smile, Pujya Guruji said, "Only when you completely surrender to your Guru, the Guru can operate through you."

I had no words, but only tears of gratitude to express to Pujya Guruji. I could only say – “Dhanyosmi Gurudeva – I thank You for teaching me the lesson of surrender in such a simple way."

I offer everything at the Lotus Feet of Pujya Guruji and seek only His love & grace.

Gurudeva Sharanam Mama.

Jai Guru Nimishananda!

With love and total surrender,
‘Nimishadasi’ (the servant of Nimishananda) Ashwini.

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such a simple way to learn

such a simple way to learn surrender..but not everyone is so receptive. we must learn from such experiences. these are what i call miracles..

Maitri Vasudev | Sun, 01/03/2010 - 08:46