In Less Than A Moment

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And there was no inside
Nor outside left

Love's fragrance swirled everywhere

And air was breath
And breath became air

A lover's kiss
A beloved's embrace

Without the separation
Love couldn't kiss itself

Nor would love even be there

A single drop of water
Slaked the thirst

Enough and more

A singular memory
To sustain
A lifetime and more

One drop of nectar enough
No need to gulp bucket loads

The memory
Of a man dying of thirst
Of the parched throat no more

The slate wiped clean of that memory

In less than a moment

Some moments
Are like that

The memory of that one moment
Replaced all the memories that had gone before

And lay there... a sparkling mirage
A shimmering pool in the desert sand

With the river's thirst quenched
Simply a beautiful memory

When the desire
Of an ocean dying of thirst
Had gone

Leaving faint trails of perfume
Of a butterfly's kiss