Learn to Live and Live to Learn - 2


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Sanatkumar, Sankara, Yagnavalkya and such great saints and sages are identical in their instructions about the highest truth which is the same to all seers.

Sanatkumra calls the distinction between knower and known, between subject and object as finite(alpan). The Supreme Self is the subject of all experiences and It is never objective.

The pairs of opposites existing rampant in the world are lost in the Pure Consciousness. The phenomena of duality are no more there. Brahma-vidya (Self-realization), Wisdom of the Supreme Self) is sarva-vidya-pratistha, the science of the Eternal as the basis of all sciences.

Perfection is inward and spiritual, not outward and mechanical. In dreamless sleep (sushupti), man is lifted above all desires and freed from the mundane and mental vexations and is cut off from the distracting world. He is released from the shakles of the body. Thus the Supreme Self reveals negatively Its beloved truth in sleep.

But you cannot make a man clean by washing his shirt. You must come out of yourself to find that your daily round of life is not an end in itself but a means to something extremely transcendental. A consciousness of the oneness of your Self with the Supreme Self is the essence of a truly spiritual life.

Reveal pure intuitional consciousness where there is no knowledge of objects internal or external. Live in the absolute union with the highest truth (Supreme Self). This brings out the positive aspect of the turiya state bereft of the negative emphasized in the condition of deep sleep. The mystic insight is inarticulate.

Learn thus to live and live thus to learn. The aim of life is not to be got lost in the world of many, but to attain to the simplicity of the One without a second.

Victory to all pervading consciousness, the Mother Kundalini.



Nidhi Parkash at the holy feet of Mother Kundalini