Laziness and Karma Yoga

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Can spiritual person be lazy? What is the source of laziness? I think it is selfishness. When "I want" on first place. I want to take rest, I want to go for walk, I want to go here and there, I want money now, this and that. No time for spiritual practice. Because spiritualism is not on first place for such person.
And of course escaping: Oh, I can not do this. I am so small and stupid. What if I will do some mistake? Oh, I dont know anything. Oh, it is so difficult, for very high developed people.
Many many reasons for not doing: I have other plans, I dont know how to do (well, who dont let to learn?), I have not time, I am not in mood and so on and so on.
So I think Karma Yoga is the most tough path. The one can chant mantras, read scritpures, do meditation and so on, to have some visions and so on. But did he get realized in reality, this will be checked in life, in reality. Is he really detached and spiritual or he needs some comforts and many "if" and "but" to be spiritual.