law of karma is part of the illusion

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Law of karma holds good only on the base of false physical identity, within the illusory Waking experince. Waking experince is as real as dream.

When the body is not the self, the birth,life and death becomes a mere illusion. The physical body is an experince, not an experiencer. Therefore it is necessary to know the formless experincer of the physical entity, and then decide whether the karma theory holds good or not.

Therefore it is necessary to know the true self, than only decide,what is truth and what is untruth.

The so called spiritual laws are mere imagination based on the false physical identity. When the mind itself is myth, it means the whole Waking experince is myth. Because without the mind the whole Waking experince is non-existent. Thus it is necessary to know how the mind is myth? and on what base the mind or Waking experince is myth?, to unfold the mystery of the existence.

Karma theory is necessary for the religious followers to judge what is good, and what is evil? and indulge in good deeds to get fruits in their imaginary next life. But it is an obstacle in pursuit of truth. Therefore, it is not the means to find and realize the true self.

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Karma and body

As this is understood, body is a mere 'saadhan', a vehicle, a reason, a way to do 'saadhana'. saadhana is the journey to reach within, to find the source of all questions, the source of all experience, the source of all thoughts, the source of all feelings, the source of unreasoned joy. When this is just watched with awareness, saadhana and saadhan merges and none remains. So long as the body is not acting as a saadhan, world is at the prominance. The karmas adhere because of non awareness while doing action or being totally immersed in the dream state. Once awareness is built, the karmas are no more formed.The state of the being moves out of the realm of karmas with awareness on the journey.
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preeti | Sat, 09/20/2008 - 09:42