The Law of Karma

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Learn to live according to spiritual the rules of eternal life and improve the quality of your life. Your mind, emotions, speech and actions are affected by this law.

Mankind sometimes gets struck by their "destiny". Some suffer from illness, accidents, from being beaten half death or death and they most if not all the time claim others of being guilty.

This of course is completely wrong. Mankind - made to the image of God - needs to learn to be fully responsible for all they do. The law of Karma explains why illness, accidents and disasters of any kind may occurs to some persons, and why others may enjoy a happy life, free, healthy and joyful.

Learn to properly apply this law for your personal benefit - it will be at the same time for the benefit of all. By properly applying all spiritual principles of God's Divine creation, your life will become instantly easier - provided you follow ALL rules exactly to the word.

How the law of karma works
Actually the law of karma is very simple and has been known for thousands of years. The law of Karma is known in Christian teachings, as well as in many other cultures. It says:

Whatever you do to others - will be done to you, in this or any future incarnation of your soul.

This law is so straightforward and logical, it sometimes is hard to believe, that some persons still think they may somehow get around it. If you knock your head against a wall, it is obvious - it may damage the wall and it may hurt your head. If you knock someone by physically fighting - you may cause harm, pain, injury to the person and the law of Karma requires you to experience the same pain. This is to have you learn to behave in a way that causes but pleasant experiences to others and yourself alike.

Whatever you do, you may attract persons around you, that have a same or similar Karma than you have. If you are of a physically fighting nature, you may attract such persons again and again. Until you start to become aware of your own behavior and start to be fed up with the result of your very own actions. Until you start to strive for a more peaceful environment. The only sure method of finding one is changing your very own behavior.

This law of karma applies for individuals as much as for families, groups, villages, cities, nations, cultures or even entire planets.

Where does this law apply ?
It applies for all you do toward any being including animals, plants, planets, beings of any nature beyond physical sphere, humans, including what some may consider "criminals" - remember: All are children of God - made out of his Holy Spirit, made to the image of God. This law is valid for

all of your actions
all of your words
all of your thoughts
all of your emotions
But my thought or emotions are my personal secrets and of no concern to others, you may say ...
Perfectly wrong. All is energy. All your thoughts and emotions, all your fantasy are energy and are permanently radiating like a radio station. They do permanently affect your environment and its behavior. Some may radiate thoughts and feelings of Love, thus raising the vibration of their environment and be of a healing nature to others. Others may cause a kind of mental or emotional pollution to others, like a car may be able to do, or the chemical and some other Industries may still do.

But at least most people are not directly affected or hurt by my thoughts and emotions, you may say ...
The power of mind or emotions is far above the physical power. It may consciously hurt your physical body when your dad or mom or anyone else is beating you for any reason. Some may think, that a few days after you have forgotten it, thus it may be of no harm and leave no traces. But be assured that even one single stroke you ever get, may leave traces in your emotional or causal body for decades or incarnations. It may take years of conscious healing efforts to heal a person who has ever got any physical punishment for any reason by anyone. There is never any justification for any kind of physical punishment for any reason.

But even worst is any kind of verbal, mental or emotional violence against any person or other being of any nature. The power of metaphysical energy in proportion to physical energy may best be compared to the difference between 1 meter compared to 1 m² (square meter). Two different dimensions.

The only medicine that could ever heal injuries done by violent words, thoughts and emotions is but Divine Love. The damage that often lasts for thousands of years may be so tremendous, that only God can heal all this wounds by his pure and omnipotent Divine Love.

Metaphysical energy has a power far beyond physical imaginations. Fortunately, God created some safety measures in his creation. Most very physical persons with a strong ego have a rather weak metaphysical radiation. Because violent vibrations are of higher density, thus the flow of such energy is limited. It may be compared to the difference of the flow of honey compared to the flow of water through the same pipeline-system. It is harder to continuously create a flow of thoughts and emotions of low vibrations than such made of Divine Love.

Violent thoughts and emotions may thus be primary of physical nature with a relatively weak metaphysical part of radiation. But nevertheless all is energy and even the most violent thoughts always are radiating across the environment. In the future people may become more and more metaphysical in their perception and all their thoughts and emotions as well. This will for one part cause an awareness of other peoples thoughts and emotions and at the same time may cause their own thoughts and emotions to become more powerful for communications with their environment.

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