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“When we work for the welfare of others, God takes care of our welfare,” - Shri Shri Nimishananda

Looking at the world today, we see so much poverty, disease, illiteracy, stress, tension, worry and ecological imbalances that disturb us. For instance, when we look at a family living on the streets, braving the biting cold and scorching sun with the hollowness in their empty stomachs, we feel pain, anger and frustration. However, all these feelings are impotent, unless we choose to channelize them into a potent force that can bring about a change in society. We can accomplish this only if we have a burning, selfless aspiration to help others.

With the compassionate Vision and Mission of “Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain,” Spiritual Master Shri Shri Nimishananda has provided various forums for expressing our unconditional love through selfless service by founding Shri Chakra Foundation, Shree Public Charitable Trust which is its humanitarian arm in India and the Divine Society of Shri Nimishananda in Malaysia. These movements are engaged in actualizing the Vision and Mission of “Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain,” the areas of public health, education, vocational training, social welfare, human resources and ecological management.

“We come into this world and leave this world with empty hands. Nothing really belongs to us except our love. Let our unconditional love flow to all in this world in a never-ending stream” says Shri Shri Nimishananda, and this is the clarion call that powers the mission of ‘Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain’.

We tackle negativity at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. At the physical level, we bring people together to engage in hands-on activities and service. At a mental and spiritual level, we reach out to people from all walks of life and empower them with simple techniques that remove stress and enhance their sense of mental and spiritual well being. Improving the quality of people’s lives in all dimensions is our primary goal. “Everyone deserves to be happy. Peace and Joy are the birth right of each soul…” says our founder, Shri Shri Nimishananda. To read the article ‘Divine Fusion for Peace’ by Shri Shri Nimishananda, Click Here. Therefore, ‘Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain’ is a forum to serve or be served.

We invite you to strengthen our hands by joining our movement in wiping tears and removing pains of people everywhere. The world is full of souls who need our care and concern… And every helpful act will make somebody’s life better...

We will always continue to do our best because WE CARE…

And we know we could do much more with you because WE KNOW YOU CARE…

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Still in development, the

Still in development, the new website design has received positive feedback from key stakeholders. Communication was a little rushed at the end of the project and ui ux design agency, but the quality of work generally won the day.

Mike | Mon, 06/08/2020 - 10:39