The Laughter of Realization

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The Laughter of Realization:

Laughter is the personification of non-duality, Self.

A Comedy: when a duality vanishes in Laughter.

The Supreme Comedy: when all dualities vanish in Laughter.

There is a Hysterical Laughter, that rarely explodes from between thoughts .....
This LAUGHTER, makes everything utterly meaningless –
This LAUGHTER not only vanishes ALL conflict and chaos but turns them into a joke: it literally makes all thoughts funny -- this Laughter is the personification of the non-duality, Self.

The Hindus of old ...called it Kundalini, Shakti ... that unpolluted with thoughts is Atman, Samadhi, Self.

This Personification of Self is Physics' Unified Field, Quantum-Gap, Now.

-- really, Really, REALLY.

Comedy: Come-I-die.
Ode to non-duality, that geniuses need to be idiots.

The Supreme Comedy makes the likes of Descartes and Einstein
into geniuses...
but only because they did not Laugh
to be idiots....
...for they didn't have choice... least off, Free choice

Once upon a time there was a thought.

This thought, was also a joke ...
that made it "appear" different
from any other ordinary thoughts...
and then some;
and then a lot lot more....LOLLL

This thought, was not only a joke
but the best: "Supreme Comedy".
The thought,... 'I can think.'

Even though this thought was a Joke
it could not laugh...
because it took itself seriously,

until Laughter exploded
to make OBVIOUS that it was this joke

that thought it could think ...

If there was such a thing as thinking
then it would laugh at the possibility
that life is a hallucination...
with more and more Laughter makes funnier and funnier...
until Laughter, ...kills the thought
that thinks, it can think.

Realization is the death of this thought
that thinks it can think.

“I AM THAT,” Laughter, that turns any thought into
not only a joke
but the Supreme Comedy
simply by vanishing.

Bercano, I thought I was, am....but it was Only a VERYYYY FUNNY Thought .... really, Really, REALLYYYY