Kundalini Yoga!

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“How does the individual soul (Atma)
Become the Universal Soul? (Paramatma)
What is the end of Yoga?
For Yoga be the union
With God, is Your firm opinion.”

Guru Siddha Nath says,
“In the body seven wheels are there
Concentrating on the seventh wheel, I declare
To thee, as the end of Yoga.”

Rama Rao Das asks,
“What are the seven wheels?
Where are they located?
What are their speeds?
What does a Yogi achieve?
In Your word, I believe.”

Guru Siddha Nath says,
“The first being Mooladhara wheel,
’Tis located at the base of the anus,
’Tis having four spokes,
Its speed is 1.84 E15 rpb,
It reflects red light. Stopping this wheel
One’s body becomes disease-free.”

“The second being Swadhistana wheel
Situated at three inches from the Mooladhara wheel
’Tis located in the genitals,
’Tis having six spokes,
Its speed is 2 X E15 rpb,
It reflects orange light. Stopping this wheel
One conquers the three worlds.”

“The third being Manipura wheel
Situated at ten inches from the Swadhistana wheel,
’Tis located in the navel,
’Tis having ten spokes,
Its speed is 2.14 X E15 rpb,
It reflects yellow light. Stopping this wheel
One’s body becomes as hard as diamond.”

“The fourth being Anahata wheel,
Situated at twelve inches from the Manipura wheel,
’Tis located in the heart,
’Tis having twelve spokes,
Its speed is 2.4 X E15 rpb,
It reflects green light. Stopping this wheel
One’s actions produce no reactions or
One’s Karmas end without a trace.”

“The fifth being Visuddhakya wheel,
Situated at eight inches from the Anahata wheel,
’Tis located in the throat,
’Tis having sixteen spokes,
Its speed is 2.67 X E15 rpb,
It reflects blue light. Stopping this wheel
One gets rid of breathing and life span increases.”

“The sixth being Ajna wheel,
Situated at sixteen inches from the Visuddhakya wheel,
’Tis located between the eyebrows,
’Tis having only two spokes,
Its speed is 2.86 X E15 rpb,
It reflects indigo light. Stopping this wheel
One becomes perfect and sleep is conquered.”

“The seventh being Sahasrara wheel,
Situated at one inch from the Ajna wheel,
’Tis located in the brain,
’Tis having zillion spokes,
Its speed is 3 X E15 rpb,
It reflects violet light.
Concentrating on this wheel is Yoga.
Here the individual soul becomes the Universal Soul.
Here innumerable Perfect Beings are meditating on the Almighty.”

Rama Rao Das says,
“About this state, I cannot state
But on Your lotus feet I concentrate -
For this is formless, senseless,
Wordless and expressionless.”

Rpb : revolutions per breath
Inch : The length of first phalanx of one's index finger. It is not the same for all.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***

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This has a parellel with

This has a parellel with VIBGYOR the spectrum.The sunlight is the composition of these 7 colours.TheSun god is praised to travel on a chariot dragged by seven horses.the sun is Athmakaraka.After reaching sahasrara there is nothing to achieve THE Eternal bliss Sat chit ananda.Like the sungod, man travels on a chariot of 7wheels( 7horses ).Anoora is the charioteer Of Sungod.We have to make our mind Anura by controlling our senses tomake our travel reach the destination

mbnarayana | Fri, 09/05/2014 - 01:44
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Re: This has a parellel with

You may know that VIBGYOR existed before it was discovered.
In fact this knowledge is the cause of all worldly knowledge and sciences.

Nathyogi | Fri, 09/05/2014 - 04:30