Kundalini Techniques

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Kundalini Power raises automatically without doing any exercise or practice, as a person’s consciousness blooms. But it can be blocked somewhere if unaware. Conscious removal of blocks is necessary to aid the awakening.

However there are some techniques which aid the awakening:

1. Breathing Techniques: Some breathing techniques help the awakening.

2. Yoga Postures: Some yoga techniques like Aswini mudra, Kapala padi kriya, Kaya kalpa, Kesari Yoga, Pariyanga Yoga etc. induce the awakening.

3. Sounds: Some sounds like Haa. Hee, Hoo, Sshh, Grrr, Hmm guide the awakening.

4. Consciousness: When a person becomes aware of his thoughts, feelings, dreams and sleep, his Kundalini Power raises. Kundalini Power and Consciousness are mutually dependent and one induces the other.

5. Tantra: The love, devotion and selflessness of a person towards his/her partner helps the consciousness to expand and thus the awakening as a result.

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Good one

Nice blog agapuram. The Tantra point made some sense to me today!

Gayatri_shiva | Fri, 06/10/2011 - 16:53
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Thanks for your visit and

Thanks for your visit and comment.

agapuram | Sat, 06/11/2011 - 14:50