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Saw the movie "The best exotic marigold hotel" today. It was a great movie for seniors. Shows different ways seniors feel about themselves and ways to possibly handle the challenges. I left feeling as if I wanted to pack a bag and take off. Where? No idea. Just that time moves so quickly and we really need to take risks now. As always everything is Kundalini - choosing the movie to see- going to the movies - being comfortable with the bum leg- talking to the ladies afterwards - handing out smiles saying we need to be unafraid to share. Living with Kundalini gives me a different perspective. The movie did not just entertain me for a few hours - there was a message for me. Not always do I "get it" yet today I think I walked away knowing that there need not be fear in being old. As is stated age is a state of mind- and in my case a Kundalini state of mind.