Kundalini Shaktipat

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I am computer engineer and do not know much about meditaion . In the year June 2001 our family friends Dr. P.P Srivastva Medical Supt. came to our village with Sh. Deepak Yogi at that time I was in my job at Una and came there met with them . He told me to sit in front of him . Our whole family sit in front of him but I do not found any experience then they return back after that in the month of Oct. myself and Doctor sahib visited Hapur(U.P) the place of Sh. Deepak Yogi ji then there he told me to sit for meditation in front of him then also i do not feel anything and we came back then in June 2002 they had organise a shivir in Newdelhi I joined it and got some experiences then Guruji came with me to Palampur where we use to sit for meditation for several hours and I feel so much light and cool. Then I had taken initiation (Diksha)from him and after the meditation I am bliss with so much of happiness and my working capacity is also increased I use to remain in
Khumari no anger is there I always remain cool and enjoying my life very well .

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I don't buy this

It seems the students got an assignment to make some PR here. Cannot be a spontaneous outburst of the same idea out of a sudden of different people who fall in the same trap of this man. Or maybe it is he himself.

This is the ugly and sad side of the teacher/guru phenomenon.

Jasmin | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 07:43
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its your view I have got the experiences of the Kundalini and all just due the Shaktipat of my Great Great Guru Dev Sh. Deepak Yogi .I felt all the changes and kriyas and felt that bliss which is very difficult to get without a Guru

pradeepkatoch | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 08:31
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Kundalini Shaktipat

its your view I have got the experiences of the Kundalini and all just due the Shaktipat of my Great Great Guru Dev Sh. Deepak Yogi .I felt all the changes and kriyas and felt that bliss which is very difficult to get without a Guru

pradeepkatoch | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 08:32
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I do not buy this

Who is saying you to buy it?
Only a true seeker can know the depth of this and criticism has to do nothing with this.
There is no need for me to be here to post all by name of others, all are genuine and awakened one and experiencing the divinity every time.
Why are you so concerned about this?
You will get nothing from this.
I am not asking any money like others here in the name of Kundalini/Awakening.
I am doing my job and you do yours.

madan_gautam | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 10:04
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We will be in a position to

We will be in a position to know the depth of water only after getting in to it.Mere calculation on the shore is of no use.Experience is personal.Let us try to get one

mbnarayana | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 10:39
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The essence and the appearance are not disconnected

I do not agree. Experience is of top importance but you do not drink from a glass full of smelly milk to verify that the milk is outdated and spoiled. There are certain signs that a wise man knows to read. The essence and the appearance are not disconnected.

Such signs are most of what is suggested in http://www.gurusfeet.com/forum/cheat-sheet-recognize-bogus-guru.

I also do not like this organized testimonies. It looks like these good people were told to do so and I see it as a non-spiritual impure act and an underestimation of our intelligence.

suzame | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 11:12
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We can not stop any body

We can not stop any body from telling his experiences.This portal is ear marked for sharing of knowledge in spiritual field.Every sadhaka has a right to speak about the greatness of his guru and experiences he gets in spiritual practice.
This is the forum created to organize all sadhakas and know each other as to what is the level of his practice.How far one is away from his goal.
Last but not least achievement of kundalini is not our goal.Kundalini will follow you like a dog if your sadhana reaches peak level

mbnarayana | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 13:57
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I also do not like this organized testimonies.

There is nothing like organised testimonies.
I am not going to form a community here.
I am open to each and everyone who is willing to awaken.
If someone share his/her awakening experiences then I do not find any wrong in it.
More and more people are joining me and experiencing the awakening/divinity.
People waste their lifetime in search of a guru but when he comes and call openly then they start criticizing him.This is the history of mankind & only sincere one join him.
I do not care about all criticism as they have been the part of a Gurus in past.
One has the open heart to see the reality.
The sun can only arise but never knocks the door of anyone to enter in the house, but I am knocking the doors and also know that only very few will open their gate of heart.

madan_gautam | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 16:14
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You talk about awakening, those who you have influenced energetically talk about awakening, but i see no sign of this in you or these subjects. What I hear is stories of body shaking and arms waving and heat and cold and pain, and for this there is gratitude and folks come to write stories about what has happened.

So, what has happened? Is there a deepening of the heart? Is there a realization? Is there even a surrender much less an awakening to one's true nature; the realization of Truth? Isn't this the goal, or is the goal all of these dramatic theatrics that somehow implies something meaningful has happened?

I don't doubt the power of your group to bring about such energy effects, though i question the wisdom of doing so, even with the permission of these vulnerable people. Once one has mastered these energies within himself, it's child's play to influence them in others without regard for distance. I can influence your energy now from where I sit and I'm sure you can do the same to me, but this would not be wisdom and it would not be awakening, it would just be children playing with fire.

Kundalini can attend insight and clarity when there is an openness within the body/mind, but it is not to be activated from without in the absence of this readiness. It can also bring a lifetime of pain if one is not prepared, or even death if one is not strong. You must know this, and so why do you continue? How many of your subjects are now seeking relief from the fire which you have ignited and for which they were unprepared, a serpent which cannot now be recoiled. I would like to also hear from them.

Phroggy | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 05:04
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There are no others

> Once one has mastered these energies
> within himself, it's child's play to
> influence them in others without regard
> for distance.

There are no others, and there is no distance between anyone.

Playing with 'fire' is playing with illusion. Or, rather, the play of illusion. There is nobody to choose whether illusion plays out, or not. There is no 'goal'. All happens, as it does, including the imagining of goals.

Not very romantic, but truthful.


Omkaradatta | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 05:14
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Yes, that too.

Phroggy | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 05:57
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Confused mixture

There are no others according to your path, there are others according to his path. You are creating a big confused salad by always trying to merge ideas of different belief systems. If you truly want to understand his system or any other system, you must leave aside for sometime your beliefs and come with a clear mind and sincere desire to understand (not necessarily agree) and not desire to prove something.

And by the way, in Advaita, you do not approach issues of reality with absolute terms. This is an analytical mistake typical to Neo Advaita. Indeed from an absolute perspective there is oneness but it is pointless as a starting point or even any discussions that are of course in relative perspectives.

Shaktipat is very strong path and relatively quick one and may be also dangerous. I tried it once. I prefer the slow though hard meditative route.

enlight | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 07:24
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Not true

"There are no others according to your path, there are others according to his path."

Not true.

There is no "your path" or "his path".

There is the illusion of "yours" and "his" and "mine".

That illusion exists 'here', nowhere else. Where is 'here'? Ask the one reading this message.


Omkaradatta | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 07:35
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vulnerable People

To whom you are calling vulnerable people?
To a true seeker/sadhak?
No they are not.
To be a true seeker one need a strong mind and the strong heart to know THAT Unknown World.
I can see the same vulnerability in you as you are not able to digest the Shaktipat System and its genuineness.
I am sorry Phroggy,as your path is totally theoretical and there is nothing practical and same can be found in dead books.But I do not teach any technique,do not teach any theory but just awaken the seeker and then they go on path to seek their own Truth.
I do not give anybody any short of lolly pop of just words I just awaken them to find their Truth.
Those who are afraid to find the Truth will never follow the path of Awakening.
The path of spirituality is the subject of heart & not of critic mind.
I know very well that here are people at this platform who are just critic only and they have to do nothing about Spirituality.They are here just to pull the legs of other.
But I appreciate you and those others who are here and playing.
This adds spice in Divine play .
Rest about to influence any body in the world by sitting at a place,as you said,then my dear you are welcome to influence me by your energy.You are welcome and let me know the time and date when you are going to influence me,I am ready.I accept your challenge and to be honest if you succeed I promise that I will accept you as my next GURU or you stop this child play as without Awakening no one can have Self Realization/Truth.
The play of consciousness is not the play of mind but of the pure heart,surrender,faith and courage to find TRUTH.
No one can give Truth to other , not even GOD but yes one can Awaken the other so that he/she find his/her truth.

madan_gautam | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 14:10
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I make reasonable challenges and ask reasonable questions, considering the risk involved, and you can do nothing but return degrading insults. What does this say about Madanji?

I did not challenge you to an energetic dual and I have no interest in winning a place as your guru. I simply stated that though such energetic effects can be done by either of us (was I mistaken?) it would be inappropriate to do so. My point was that wisdom should play a role. Just because such theatrics are part of your culture does not it make it wise.

Igniting the fire is not spiritual awakening, it is simply igniting a fire which then must be dealt with. My 'awakening' (and to be sure, we are not talking about enlightenment) was the result of many years of sincere devotion to Truth. The arising of the Kundalini FOLLOWED that awakening as a natural consequence of the release of energetic blockages. If these blockages are not removed before hand, the fire will burn, and it will not stop until the blockages are removed. It is a difficult and dangerous path, and unnecessary if the seeker is sincere as you say he is.

Phroggy | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 20:13
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Now you come to main point ~

Now you have come to main point of your awakening and I can understand the after effects you have suffered & even suffering.
See Kundalini is like a rocket and you are sitting in it to reach to your goal and this is the fastest way of Enlightenment but at the same time yes it can be dangerous too if not done under the guidance of a Guru.
I think you have not gone from my blogs where about kundalini Awakening I have strongly recommended that one should have capable Guru under whom one should do Kundalini practice otherwise it can be more harmfully.
Thats why the importance of Guru is so much in this path.
I have come across the people in my personal life who were declared mad/with some serious mental problem and when I carefully examined them,I found that they were having awakening but were not able to understand that what is going with them and the awakening was so powerful that it disturbed their balance.Yes it happens due to many reasons to a person spontaniously with out knowing.Three to four people were fortunate,that they recovered under my guidance and now they are quite well,but others I could not help either their family not allowed or their position was of no return,but even though I was able to reduce their pain.
This Kundalini awakening needs a proper guru and proper guidance.A Guru in Shaktipat opens all the six chakra at the same time,then where is the problem of blockage?
Yes problem of blockage is there when one try itself to awaken it by other available methods ,then only one or two chakra opens and the energy remains their blocked and give the results of those chakra and nothing more.
But in Shaktipat,the Third eye to Mulladhar is opened at once and no blockage are there.If some time the flow of energy in seeker is more due to transmission then Guru have power to regulate it & to take the surplus energy.He is capable of even taking all his energy back and even stop all kriyas and awakening.This is called anughara and nighra(the power of giving and power of taking back).
Those who get their Kundalini awakening without a proper Guru have to suffer a lot, and in such cases one should accept a shaktipat Kundalini Guru for further guidance and proper regulation of Divine Energy.
Once again ,there is no Enlightenment without Awakening and Kundalini is the fastest and safest & surest method but only when done under proper guidance of a capable Shaktipat Guru.
I am ready to give all the reply regarding Kundalini & shaktipat,but not like the one side /negative peropgenda only by the people.

madan_gautam | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 17:46
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For Phroggy

There is an old say that when disciple is ready the master appears and I have never heard the other way round when master is ready the disciple appears.............It is impossible TO pursue a person who is not ready.................If it is so then the whole world will be sane and beautiful due to the Compassion of Buddha of past,present and future.
I really love the spirit of moth for a single glimpse of light they are ready to burn..............The beauty of a disciple is that they are vulnerable,they do not resist and they are capable of allowing the divine to flow through them..............I FEEL IT IS BETTER TO LIVE TO DIE AND DIE TO LIVE RATHER THAN DYING EACH MOMENT..............

PS:If you can influence your energy from where u sit ,i am ready to receive........I am just a seeker and I am ready to experience anything that is divine and that comes on my way..............

joshoda | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 05:10
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PS:If you can influence your energy from where u sit ,i am ready to receive........I am just a seeker and I am ready to experience anything that is divine and that comes on my way..............

You see, this is my concern. The 'path' is typically slow and tedious and almost nobody finds what they seek, and so many devoted seekers are willing to take the risk as you describe it above, but how can they know what it is they are inviting? If I believed it was successful even a tiny portion of the time, I would encourage folks to prepare and to fully inform themselves, and if they are willing to risk everything, then at least they have made an informed choice, but there is no method to bring about enlightenment and the experiences attending kundalini awakening are NOT worth the risk. Enlightenment is not an experience.

I don't know how capable or how careful Madan is, even though i studied his website some time ago, and so I can 't continue to challenge his methods. I simply don't know, but I seem to have a different perspective on what Kundalini can do, and I speak from experience. It is a dangerous game with very uncertain results. The 'guru' may be able to manipulate but i don't believe he can control. Who has been able to put the fire back in the couldron?

There is no shortcut for the spiritual work. There must be clarity and release, understanding and acceptance, wisdom and devotion, a depth of mind and heart. This is what clears the path for the serpent, not the energetic manipulations of some guru. You must do the work, and if you do, the energy will release quite naturally and harmlessly, though it will be your devotion to truth that moves you forward, not the fire in your body. You are not the body.

Phroggy | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 07:32
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One dream character tells another that, based on a prior/remembered dream sequence, the one 'out there' should be sure to avoid a certain future dream scenario, that it could be dangerous.

Mmkay :-).


Omkaradatta | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 14:17
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I can understand your views/objections,but it is due to your fault only as you tried/underwent Kundalini Awakening/Awakening without a proper Kunadlini/Shaktipat GURU or due to your Karma.
I can clearly understand your problem as some Indians & Westerns learned/learning little bit about this system and projected/projecting themselves as GURU in West for money & fame only( even Westerns also there),& the people of west are pure and faithful and this made them to be fooled and now they are facing nightmare as you,and they all are propagating negative about all Kundalini/other methods which came from East .
I am very well aware about all your pain, failure,& frustration about Awakening,but do not make your failure generalized as all are your personal experiences only.
The failure of one is not the failure of all.
One need a proper Guru and all will be fine like me,for that one has to be ready in all aspect,yes I see when I go for it to Awaken a seeker.Is he /she is ready or not ,if not then I say sorry to them as they will not be able to face the Awakening and Its results, like you.
I am not in pain, frustration & here at this platform only for this reason to reply all your false propaganda about shaktipat & Kundalini Awakening .
A seeker can never be cowered ,he faces all suffering,pain to take new birth like a woman who know the result of pain,sufferings and even the threat of death in giving birth to a child,but it does not stop her form giving birth to a child otherwise the new lives will not be in this world.
She know all even though she takes all risks,same a seeker know all but he/she takes risk and those who takes risk at last get success and not leave in between as it is much more dangerous then giving birth to new one/to oneself.
Not in this word and not in that word.Just in between.
Be true with yourself & at the same time with others also.
Sorry for my true and hard words here.

madan_gautam | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 17:59
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You are sorry for your true words? What an ass you can be, Madanji. Don't make up stories about me to support your own ignorance. You are not 'enlightened' and you are not qualified to peddle the Truth.

You understand my problem? I do not have a problem and I am not crying in my beer or whining about some personal experience gone wrong. I merely offer a perspective to balance the half truths you offer here. I would rather not but for too long you have gone unchallenged.

You are not "very well aware about all my pain, failure and frustration". This is a story you invent in order to make yourself look good and to make me look bad. You know nothing about me. There is discomfort with the energy, yes, but it's okay because there was never an intention to purposely raise the Kundalini and so it occurred quite naturally. I was involved in clearing and energy healing work for many years, and it is the clearing that opened the door, not some careless outside influence, and so i am not in pain. I am also not frustrated nor have I failed in my work because I have not taken any shortcuts. The heat that flows through this body is quite appropriate for the spiritual awareness and psychological makeup of this mind, and so there is no failure or frustration.

To believe that there is a person who can succeed is the real failure. Never has there been a technique for enlightenment, nor will there ever be. It is fundamentally inconsistent with the Truth that you imagine yourself to be seeking, and which you advertise as the supposed goal of your questionable energy work.

Phroggy | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 23:50
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What an ass you can be, Madanji

Namaste dear Phroggyji,
Here you have shown your true self to all of us,as truth is always bitter& very hard to digest as it expose.
Any how you have your self admitted here all about your awakening and the frustrations regarding it as you are not accepting this awakening or may be you are not advancing in your further awakening.From your words it seems that you want to cease your awakening as it may be unbearable for you to sustain it.
That what I am saying that no path leads without awakening.
One has to go through awakening let it be any path for Enlightenment and without awakening no one can lead to enlightenment,let it be(awakening) knowingly or unknowingly but one has to go through it.Accept it or not.
If one accept it then he/she do not suffers if not then he/she suffers.
Rest about my enlightenment,you are not a authority and no other one in this world except me to know it & rest about my qualification to peddle the Truth,I do not need your certificate.At last I like challenges as they brings the fact and truth openly.
Accept the reality about what is going inside you & that is awakening.

madan_gautam | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 03:37
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Baseless and premature

How can you say if he is qualified or not when you are completely unfamiliar with his path?

Have you ever tried this shaktipat to speak so authoritatively about it and its consequences?

What's the relevance of whether there is a person or there isn't a person in the absolute sense to his path? It is completely irrelevant, you are mixing and confusing between different traditions and thought schools.

You are airing a baseless and faulty reasoning in the last paragraph and presenting what you believe in as solid facts. Your comments read like of an arrogant and vocal first year student, it seems you have much more reading and experiencing ahead before you can truly address advanced issues. It will also make you more open, less confused and more relaxed regarding opinions which do not comply with your opinions. It comes with time and experience.

solomon | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 04:02
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Have I ever tried it? You haven't been paying attention, have you? By all means try it. I'm sure Madan will be willing to assist. At the very least it may temper your arrogance and teach you humility. Perhaps that is the good he is doing.

Phroggy | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 07:32
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Yoga means controlling of senses. That is to be done with
strong mind and ego. If we try to achieve yogam by means of body, irritating the shadadhara chakram,It will make mental problems later. What are you going to do with your powered kundalini in this material world? You want to achieve material benefits and not spiritual strength.

sudheer | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 11:24
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Kundalini Shaktipat

Here I am showing my experiences that I had after the Shaktipat no body can explain and feel if he or she donot undergone such experiences and my Great Guru Sh. Deepak Yogi is very much capable of that and after His Samadhi Sh. Madan Mohan Gautam ji is blessing that experences to me . I do not know about others .

pradeepkatoch | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 04:35
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To Phroggy

I am reading your comments in my view here we are not for blaming each other or pin pointing each others technique but we are for sharing out experiences if you have then share it otherwiese do not blame anybody

pradeepkatoch | Fri, 07/31/2009 - 08:08
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I am reading your comments in my view here we are not for blamin

Well, I don't know how "blame" became an issue. Integrity, perhaps.

Phroggy | Sat, 08/01/2009 - 02:39
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well what r ur experiences

pradeepkatoch | Mon, 08/03/2009 - 13:42
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As I mentioned, I had worked

As I mentioned, I had worked for a couple years on clearing chakras, which involved both energy work and emotional work/self examination, but i missed one chakra. It was not my intention to raise the Kundalini, but is seen now as a natural consequence of the clearing of the path. When it occurred, the energy deviated into the splenic chakra, resulting in several days of excruciating pain; the sort of pain that makes death seem like a reasonable option.

I don't care to recount the details of that, or the several other less dramatic incidents since then, but perhaps you can understand why I take it very seriously. For several years now, this energy has burned in my body. I feel it always, although it's intensity corresponds directly with the depth of my spiritual focus. It often gets sufficiently uncomfortable that I must 'ground' myself with some form of 'low level' focus. The ego that often erupts on these forums sometimes serves that purpose. (Not a complaint)

This is not my unique experience. A little bit of research on Kundalini will reveal similar, and much worse, stories. Folks who are not prepared can suffer terribly, and if there is not a degree of spiritual maturity, there is often nothing that can be done. If this energy is fully activated, you may find it continuously pushing the physical limits of your body.

People will do what they want. I'm not trying to stop anyone, just to present an alternative view.

Phroggy | Mon, 08/03/2009 - 18:02
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To Phroggy

I am very much impressed with ur experiences .You have done lot of research .How many places did u visited in India . Hope u might be knowing many things about it .I would like to hear more from you with regard


pradeepkatoch | Thu, 08/06/2009 - 06:36