kundalini shakthi

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We are familiar with the term Kundalini shakthi. What is the importance of Kundalini yoga? What is the benefit for the modern man? Scientists say that man uses 10% of his brain; the rest remain dormant throughout his life. Kundalini yoga is a technique to activate the other dormant portions of his brain. You divide the brain into 7 parts. Each part is connected to each chakra. The seven chakras starting from Mooladhara chakra, swadhisthana chakra, manipura chakra, Anahata chakra, Vishudha chakra, ajna chakra and sahasrara chakra have direct influence on the functioning of the brain. Man has control over animals and uses them for their comforts, mainly because of the power of the brain. Animals also have chakras but the main difference between man and animal is that for animal the highest chakra is Mooladhara and for man the lowest chakra is Mooladhara. That explains the limitation of animals.

By birth by default human beings have got Mooladhara chakra activated. That is the reason for the 10% activation of the brain. We live all our lives within the limitation of these 10%. The other chakras are not activated. With every chakra getting activated, additional 10% of the brain gets activated. If you have visited the ashrams of great gurus you will notice a peaceful atmosphere around there. The presence of the great master makes one feel peaceful and serene. They speak on any subject with conviction. The reason is that they have activated some of their chakras thereby activated their brain cells further.

Remaining at the level of Mooladhara one cannot evolve spiritually. Mooladhara chakra has its negative side like greed, jealousy etc which is responsible for all the major crimes committed by man. Every one must make effort to activate at least one of the chakras by practicing Kundalini Yoga. People have the wrong notion that kundalini Yoga is difficult to practice. They conclude that one has to do years of penance like Sri Buddha which is not practical in today’s world. One must understand that awakening of the chakras is as per the law of nature. Anything within the law of nature is attainable, only that one should have a deep inner quest towards it.

Great saints like Sri Buddha, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba were able to awaken their Kundalini. But unfortunately their disciples or their worshippers could not attain it. By simply following a guru or worshipping them you cannot be assured of awakening. The guru has his own set of ideas developed by his own thinking. The followers blindly follow those ideas, which is not wrong. The problem is that the follower stops thinking on his own and expects the guru to think for him. He simply justifies his guru’s ideas. It is important that one must develop the habit of thinking, because from deep thinking one can evolve spiritually. Every human being should reach the level of a guru themselves. Then the world will be a better place to live in
By Girish Menon

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On awakening kundalini

Anugraha of guru is mandatory to achieve kundalini or any other spiritual goal.It acts like a key to see hither to unseen things.Arjuna is granted gnana chakshuvu to see the viswa roopa by his mentor krishna.We need special set of goggles to see a 3d picture.Like wise the sadhaka must obtain permission to rise the curtain.By following karma,jnana,bhakthi and vedantha marga also we can attain kundalini.We must qualify to receive the power.God knows well as to how much energy we require.Once the energy supplied is used for welfare of others ,then we will be supplied more energy .Other wise it would be like a stone inthe hands of a lunatic.Kundalini follows like a faithful dog along great sages who are self less and whose endeavour is welfare of others.Their anahatha chakra is filled the nectar of love and they are immortal.

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