Kundalini Dream

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I had a kundalaini dream about nettles.

I am walking through a field of nettles ~
I am aware that nettles sting but I am not feeling pain or stinging ~
I feel a great heat moving up my legs like a hot fire ~
it feels familiar to me and I enjoy the sensations of this and the wind upon my skin as it blows through the grass and trees.

I come to a tree and I feel happy as I notice a beautiful sparkling serpent that is moving up the tree trunk ~
under the tree I see a fire and a huge saucepan bubbling upon it~
I walk to the fire and begin to stir the saucepan ~
as the spoon moves through the thick green liquid I realise I am cooking nettles ~
I do this fro a while and I am receiving information about the nettles~
then the spoon changes and in my hand is a snake ~
I wake up.

I try immediately to recall the information I know I now have about the nettles but I cannot retrieve specifics ~ I know though that I am to add nettles to my kundalini diet!

I had been thinking recently about picking the nettles that grow wild in my garden but I had taken no action. Also last week I got a huge communication from my K while talking to a friend that nettles would be good as a remedy for her joint pain and swelling.

Now after this dream and all the kundlaini symbolism I know for sure that nettles are a very important crop that I am to harvest and eat for their nutritious and helaing benefits that will be given to the body.

I will keep you updated for I have a strong feeling that this is an important action for me to take ~ more significant than I am currently aware of !

Namaste <> Ruby