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Kundalini can open you to your worst fears and to your greatest joys.

Inside of the current societal standards it is the fear that is often responded to first.

With the opening towards fear can come certain elements of your education that can be difficult.

These elements are for fear, and designed by fear, creating fear and the bondage of fear.

A cycle of hurt and pain that need not be chosen unless you "need" that education.

Fear can become a loop of anger reaction and response to certain wrongs we feel are committed against us. We can begin to expect fear and in doing so create more of an opportunity for it to come into our experience.

How to change these dynamics?

Make the choice towards trusting the process that has brought you here.

Make the decision to choose to be fearless even inside of a chorus of fear propagation.

You are inside of a divine exaltation.

Do you wish for that to be withdrawn?

Do you feel it could be withdrawn?

With Kundalini there is no turning back.

You will learn to live with its divine amplifications however you choose.

Your life will be festooned with fantastic fear and anger or love and joy in varied portions of extreme amplification.

Which do you choose?

Domination by entities representing and drawn to the fearful expression is common. They can attach and begin to give you more and more reasons for fear and anger and resentment and pain.

Be careful of the choices you make inside of the Kundalini Awakening.

Do not be fooled by hearing or reading of anger and fear being called this or that aspect of Kundalini as a way of justification.

Stand up for your love.

Stand up for your trust.

Validate the gifts of the divine within you.

Make the choice and be free of fear.

The safeties were created to give you a greater opportunity to join knowledge with action -A way to make your choices clearer.

What do you choose?

And inside of pressure and difficulty where do your reactions gravitate?

Do you have trust for your Kundalini process?

Demonstrate it. – chrism