kundalini awakening systems 1 chrisms teachings are so helpful

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Because of chrisms teachings I know to not fear a kundallini dismemberment dream and so when such occured last night I did not run I stayed and surrenderd to what was being done.

On my left foot I have a deep red kundalini tattoo of an ouroboros.

Yesterday a fb friend had been explaining the meaning of her tattoos to me and I think this may have been the association that triggered the ouroborus serpent coming to me in the astral which then expanded into a dismemberment situation.

Those who have had such a kundalini dismemberment will know of the infusions that can come and often the imprint can remain active right into the conscious awareness.

And so it was with me today as the universal symbolism and personal meaning of the ouroboros stayed present with K infusing in the many ways that kundlaini chose to infuse - I have been mindful of the teachings that I am receiving which are still reaching into me at a very deep level.

As I searched for one of chrisms teachings on dismemberment dreams I came across this one - which I will copy below for anyone who would like to read further on what he writes

" The death of the "ego" - Some of that occurs, but it isn't a complete withdrawal of the ego, it is a realignment of personal priority - A different way of responding to a given stimulus - Allowing a higher aspect of expression to take control - A divine expression and a higher self expression.

Ego is necessary and yet it too must evolve.
When ego evolves is it still the same thing?
No it has changed and therefore is not the same thing anymore than a tree is the seed. And yet it is.

So "ego" keeping its original characteristics, evolves into something more than those characteristics.
It is there but not expressing in the same ways.

For those who teach "the death of the ego" I will speak to those teachings.
In my opinion if they are taking "The death of the Ego" literally then they are still operating from an egotistic point of understanding and do not themselves understand what they teach. As far as existing without an ego, yes, "coma" patients do it quite well. But as far as the conscious person, the ego evolves with in the personal whole not devoid of that whole.

In a Kundalini dismemberment, the heart being ripped out and adjusted is a good thing. It is returned to its proper place and has been realigned for an increased infusion of Kundalini.
The heart is a representation of many currents of expression.
It is a divine portal and a house of divinity as well as many other aspects.
It can be out of balance due to specific types of conditioned responses we can experience through out our lives.

When the Kundalini comes, a balancing is sometimes required, and this is one of the purposes of dismemberment. There are many others - to many to list - that can come into the need for a balancing just with in the area of the heart.

Emotions can have an egotistic response. So it is there, in the heart, often, that we can need a balancing to occur.

All chakras have ego influence and so all may have a dismemberment occur For the balance in the flow of Kundalini.

The practice of the protocols and safeties as described on www.kundaliniawakeningsystems1.com can minimize the degree of dismemberment needed.

Neither is ego evolution instantaneous, it takes time and diligence and the "choice" of the individual.
Kundalini will come and in that appearance are the needs for that choice made clearer. - blessings - chrism