KUNDALINI AWAKENING ? Do u know ur Inner Bodies apart from Physical body - 1

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To bring out Kundalini power from Mooladhara and push it up to Sahasrara, is all that a Yogi wants. The Channel is one ‘SUSHUMNA’. But the concept and proceedings are different. The Kundalini rises through Sushumna. That is ok.
What next?
Where does it go from Sahasrara?
Does it stay there itself?
What does it do?
Can a Sadhaka do that work all alone?
Or does he need any external support?
Is it Divine power or God’s grace or any other source?

These are very subtle and intricate questions. There are various procedures in vogue. First, we must understand whether the Kundalini has any links with the mind or direct link with Soul or Both?

Every theory is time bound & change from time to time:

Generally we depend on ancient literature. But from time to time, from age to age, literature changes its routes. It will invariably establish different proposals. Every system seems to be correct. Every method shows some proofs in its support. Every system was authentic in the days of its inception. We don’t take the lapse of time into consideration. Every theory is time bound. They may be true at one time. Today they may not be practical. They may be true at one time. Today they may not be practical. Systems change from time to time. Here practically is important. Experience is important. An experienced Master’s guidance is all the more important.

Types of Bodies:

Our physical body is the laboratory for all experiments in Yoga. However great a soul might be, it would come to human birth in order to attain perfection. Then only it would gain immortality.

While speaking about physical bodies there is a sound of non-physical bodies. Some Meta-Physical knowledge is required to understand about the non-physical bodies. WHAT WE CALL ASTRAL BODIES IN REALITY ARE NON-PHYSICAL BODIES. They are not astral compositions. For they are not visible to our eye, we simply name them astral. THERE ARE SEVEN BODIES IN TOTAL. THEY ARE SHEATHES, ONE INSERTED IN THE OTHER. THEIR FORMATIONS AND COMPOSITIONS ARE DIFFERENT. THEIR BASES ARE UNIQUE BY NATURE. THEY REPRESENT SEVEN SEPARATE PLANES. EVEN ALL OF THEM ARE LOCATED IN ONE PHYSICAL BODY – GROSS BODY, THE INNER SIX BODIES REPRESENT DIFFERENT WORLDS.

The First Sheath – The Physical Body.

WE all knew about the First Sheath – i.e. Physical Body. We can see its outer. This body is composed of Gross Materials. So it is named Gross Body.

WE don’t know what exactly in inside the Physical Body and its working.

WE cannot see the Second Body i.e. the FIRST INNER BODY or SECOND BODY with our physical sight. Another sight is required to see the inner bodies. THE FIRST INNER BODY IS COMPOSED OF ETHER A TYPE OF AIR. Hence called ETHERIC BODY.

The THIRD BODY is exactly ASTRAL. This is more subtle than the previous body. So it is called SUBTLE BODY/ASTRAL BODY.

The FOURTH BODY is neither subtle nor gross. IT IS PSYCHIC BODY/MANASIC BODY. Purely MANASIC - MIND’s FIBRE. All our mental activities are under the direct control of this Manasic Body. It produces thought pictures.


The SIXTH BODY is beyond our mind’s range. It is COSMIC COMPOSITION. That is called BRAHMIC BODY. Higher Consciousness prevails in that sate.

The SEVENTH BODY is called NIRVANIC BODY. In reality it has no body at all. It is bodiless, formless, and thoughtless. It is NIRVANIC. It is beyond Conception.

All these seven bodies represent seven planes and seven higher worlds. STRICTLY SPEAKING, THERE ARE TWO MORE PLANES NAMELY PARA NIRVANIC & MAHA PARA NIRVANIC. They are states of Higher Consciousness.

To gain any first hand knowledge of these bodies and the planes represented by them, we have to link up the seven bodies with Yoga Consciousness. THAT IS POSSIBLE WHEN OUR KUNDALINI IS AWAKENED. Thus, we have to begin the Yoga Work with Kundalini Awakening. TO AWAKEN KUNDALINI, WE SHOULD HAVE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT KUNDALINI. We must have personal experience. We cannot measure that knowledge with our minds. IT IS THE SOUL THAT CAN JUDGE THE KUNDALINI FUNCTIONS. Every Yogi should have personal experience. We should not borrow others experience and make it our own. My understanding will be mine , your experience will be yours. There will not be any resemblance between the experiences of any two persons. ONLY PRACTICE MAKES A YOGI PERFECT

to be cont.......