Kundalini Awakening Diary + helpful teachings from Master Chrism

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Monday 28th May 2012

Today I am still feeling the energy infusions from the dismemberment dream.

I heard a Kundalini Bumble Bee buzzing while in meditation -I am experiencing a lot of tactile phenomena -
In the ears I am feeling pressure and heat and other sensations -
There is a burning stinging hot liquid sensation that is travelling through my body in my blood stream -
My head feels a weight upon it as the energy that I am feeling there extends upwards almost like there is a buzzing bee hive on my head -

I am going to post another article by chrism which links into yesterdays he speaks again of dismemberment of being eaten by the serpent and of the various kundalini animals that come to us ~

" ~ Snakes Spiders Tigers Gods and Goddesses ~

Any one or a number of these can visit you when the Kundalini is even beginning to be sought by an person.

These will most often come into the dream life at first and then expand into the waking life but with different dynamics than the dream life.

Yes the many floating lights and some minor phenomena will come too, but for a clear indication from a long history of symbols used to announce the beginning of the Kundalini these forms are often the ones most used by the Kundalini.

Serpents big or small are one of the most common forms used. You may see them in waking visions or the dream life or in your conscious life as there is a bleed through between the realities when you begin to walk the Kundalini path.

These serpents may try to bite you or if it is big enough try to eat you. This is to be embraced.
Yes that's right you are to let the snake bite you or eat you it is a fear test.
The whole idea is to get you used to understand experience isn't always as it is on the physical and yet it is also.
There are compressions of experience that merge.
When the serpent eats you, you are immediately given a large dose of the Shakti- Tingles and love and energetic quivering’s all over the "physical" body. As much as you can handle at that point.

You are being rewarded for your: Lack of fear:Your surrender
You have successfully braved the awesome idea of being consumed by a giant snake! Some of you will have an instant knowledge that this "is what to do" others will run everywhere they can run to, to escape the serpent.

The serpent is the Kundalini Shakti.
It is this form that corresponds most with the human spine.
The human spine is seen as a serpent standing on its tail and if you view a human spine you will see that yes indeed the natural "S" curve of the spine does resemble this.

Kundalini infuses the spine and it is dormant at the base of the spine.
When it comes up it can feel as if there is a serpent inside of you wiggling around - no joke!

So this initial fear test though not always given in that scenario is a way of conditioning you to let go of your fear of the unknown.
As most of Kundalini will be received as an unknown by you.
The phenomena alone can boggle the mind.

So know this and internalize this so that it reaches into your dreaming body.
You will be tested and tested and you may even hear these words spoken to you from somewhere in your consciousness as other aspects of who you are indeed taking note of this information.

Spiders are also experienced though not as much as the serpents.
You may see huge spiders the size of dinner plates riding a web just a few feet from you.
The common reaction is to "JUMP!" So you jump and then when your conscious mind remembers you will make the associations as you will never find the spiders anywhere In your house or near you.

These spiders are another aspect of the Kundalini Shakti.
Another way of testing your ability to understand and not fear the multiple shapes and sizes of the forms this force can assume.

Like the serpent the spider is worshipped and honored by many cultures through out the world as beings of guidance and bearing the gifts of knowledge and it is these aspects that I will ask you to consider as they appear to you in your Kundalini and pre Kundalini experiences.

Tigers have a long history of representing strength and power and death. They have a very pronounced and fierce countenance and when they are seen inside of a waking or sleeping vision they are to be loved and respected but not run from!

The tiger will lie down upon a person sometimes and sleep with them as a way of letting the person know it's OK. Do not fear.
They can also form into fierce aspects of protection when the person is still in the stages of feeling they need protection.
They can act as warnings of impending phenomena or activities as well.

So there are many stories and teachings about tigers, too many to go into in this short outline.

Gods such as Christ or Krishna, or Shiva or Buddha or Mary, Shakti, Tara, or even those with whom you have no conscious knowledge of will come to you and visit you or just stand at the foot of your bed while you stare at them in wide awake disbelief! This is not uncommon.

They will talk with you in your dreams or your waking state and one must take care in their exuberance and excitement not to tell the wrong person they were talking to Christ in their bedroom. That might not go well. True as it may be our western society isn't quite prepared for that yet so do be careful!

All of this that I have described happens.
It is as real as the shoes on your feet and the fridge in the kitchen.
This is a new world and in this world are sprinkled aspects of our normal world but with different meanings.

We must be prepared to meet this world with open arms and open hearts and not to become wrapped up in the fears of what is shown to us because the meanings are different when it comes to the Kundalini.
We walk slowly and enjoy the views and we run from nothing.
– blessings all - chrism