Kundalini and Chakras

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Kundalini is Self, "Guru," Shakti, Samadhi..., Physics' Now, Quantum-gap, Unified Field.
If anything can "work" then Kundalini works like earthquakes... volcanic eruptions.

just like the land, earth, ground, above cannot control earthquakes
so too the thoughts called Mind cannot control Self, Kundalini.

volcanic-eruptions and earthquakes happen randomly
and with different magnitudes, dynamics and even explosions.

just like earthquakes
kundalini can manifest itself to thoughts, mind, RANDOMLY
with different dilutions and dynamics, even explosions.

to explain these different dynamics.... explosions
both geniuses and their dualistic idiots
have over the ages invented the concept of Chakras
that need the likes of coiled-snakes and energy-fields to appear real

Chakras and their coiled-snakes
do nothing but confuse the simple non-dualistic subject
in which Kundalini is SELF
and the Mind with its body is "its" thoughts.
-- O'no