Kundalini & shaktipat in Maha/Siddha Yoga

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It is true that once the Kundalini is Awakened through Shaktipat,then it works automatically and takes the seeker to higher level.Mean time to be in constant touch with Guru,it acts in more active way and also helps in any confusion or advise.The role of outer Guru is to Awaken a seeker and nourish him/her till he/she reaches up to the inner Guru and when Guru see that the seed has properly grown up to a full grown tree,the Guru ask to go further by his/her own way in the next journey of self exploration.
The path of true Spirituality is not to make followers for whole life but to make one so strong and independent that by the time he/she become a lion and not a sheep.
The truth has to be achieved by self by going deep & deep inside and one has to search it by self.
No one can give you your truth not even your Guru,but yes He can Awaken you and takes care till you become self reliant/attached to your inner Guru.