Kundalini & Fifth Way 2

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In the previous blog we saw that Kundalini was in the Mind where shines Ahankara or the principal of egoism which is a result of the five brains which are the reptilian brain dealing with issues of security and imminent danger, the mammalian brain which looks after our relationship with siblings and near and dear ones, the central nervous system which helps us adapt to the environment and the emotional (sentimental) and intellectual brain. The first three are the development of our three primary instincts which are survival, herd and fear.

Now blockage of energy gives bad results. This is not very difficult to see. We notice that stagnant water is far more contaminated as compared to running water. So the general principal is that if energy does not develop or is not used (emptied) it causes blockage and gives out poisonous byproducts. If energy does not flow it reverses its direction and flows in an undesirable way.

Emptying or use of energy could be done by performing ones duty with dedication and hard work and to have a passion in life which absorbs one & not only helps in spending energy but also to learn.

Upward transformation of energy depends in our ability to take the energy rescued from the three lower brains to emotional and intellectual brain. In part this is done when we can put in hard work even if the results or the fruits of labour do not accrue to us directly. This is the same as lessening of Greed but in a positive way.

A word of caution is that no transformation of energy can be done in a mechanical way. If we understand the functioning of the three lower brains by self observation we would have done half the work.