Kundalini & Fifth Way

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Gurdjieff write in Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson or An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man that all problems faced by man today are due to properties of the organ kundabuffer and goes on to say that all of the Indian religion is based on it. I would have been prompt to criticize the Criticism of Indian religion for some of the Gurus who have spoken about Kundalini are very dear to me, yet I acknowledge that Mr Gurdjieff has made a fair point. My own views are on the same lines which I shall explain as I go along. However, I want to point out that we are not so naive in India and wherever the revered teachers have made a reference to Kundalini they have done so citing its beneficial effects. For in this world of duality if something gives a bad result it could give a good one too. You rise from the same thing by which you fall. Let me first give certain quotes as this subjects being sensitive needs careful study.

“And as the word for 'former' in their language was then pronounced 'lina,' they changed the second half of this name, and instead of 'kundabuffer,' they obtained the word 'kundalina.' Page 233” (Beelzebub's Tales)

“the properties of the organ kundabuffer—as, for instance, those peculiar properties arising in them which they call "vanity," "self-love," "pride," "self-importance," and so forth.” Page 327 (Beelzebub's Tales)

When by this method the mind is merged in the Self, the shakti or kundalini, which is not apart from the Self, rises automatically. Ramanamaharshi taken from the link


Why I agree with Gurdjieff is due to the following tale, a variation of which is to be found in all ancient cultures.

Krishna attacked him like an eagle exhausted him. (About serpant Kalia)


(Adisesha, Sheshnaga, or the 1,000 headed snake) upholds the world on his many heads and is said to be used by Lord Vishnu to rest. Shesha also sheltered Lord Krishna from a thunderstorm during his birth.


Śrīla Jīva Gosvāmī, in his Kṛṣṇa-sandarbha, has described Śeṣa Nāga as follows: "Śrī Anantadeva has thousands of faces and is fully independent. Always ready to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He waits upon Him constantly. Sańkarṣaṇa is the first expansion of Vāsudeva, and because He appears by His own will, He is called svarāṭ, fully independent. He is therefore infinite and transcendental to all limits of time and space. He Himself appears as the thousand-headed Śeṣa."

So if we see Kalia and Sheeshnag we would get an idea of the dual aspect.

My take on Kundalini is as follows.

I have already given the details of the Five brains and Egoism or Ahankara being the sixth which constitute our psyche.


In all these five brains and in general in our whole psyche the energy gets fixated (blocked). Their position is said to be the nerve nodes of spinal cord. Yet since Ego of Ahankara being the totality is a repository of all such fixated (bad) energy the de-conditioning of it releases it. This release of blocked as a result of attenuation of Ego is truly the raising of Kundalini without any side effects. to a person with ego in rampage more energy means more mischief which is oftentimes detrimental.