Kundalini: aborted Suicide of Self

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there is no Death,
Suicide is the best there is.

The Hindus of old called this Suicide Samadhi.

These Hindus of old explained their Samadhi with what we today call Nonduality, Advaita.
Nonduality of Advaita simply means that
there is no other. There is only ONE.
To thoughts, mind, this One is really None or SELF, Spirit.
This ONE does all the acting of apparent “others.”

This One that is NONE, Self, Spirit, plays all the roles –
so there is no death that “others” do
only Suicide of Self.
When Self “ends” one of its roles
we call it death
when it is just Suicide of this One, Self.
Again: the Hindus of old called this Suicide
and when this Suicide falters or fails
they called this aborted Suicide: Kundalini.

Kundalini, Spirit, Self, REVEALS reality into what it is: unreal.
Kundalini “derealizes” reality.
This derealization religions call evil
and science calls insanity.

Civilization appears to evolve by expunging
those sects, groups and cultures
like Gnostics, Cathars and Albigensians, and all original Natives of all continents.
Civilization has to slaughter these sects
because anyone exposed to them
would sooner or later realize what these sects lived: there is no death
cause Suicide is the best there is.

-- O'no

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Try to approach one who

Try to approach one who experienced the state of samadhi then only you will come to know whether it is a suicide or not.A person experiencing samadhi will have conciousness in all planes.Simultaneous conciousness in all planes is called samadhi.

mbnarayana | Mon, 11/23/2009 - 11:38