Kundalini's Samadhi

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Kundalini’s Samadhi.
There are only Really two dimensions to Reality that are really one: inside and outside.

Inside is Self
and outside is Now.

Self “makes” everything APPEAR to move/change in its outside, Now.
Self “moves” the body like an earthquake moves the Earth.
Amongst a lot of other words, the Hindus of old called the inside-reality, or Self: Kundalini.

Nothing explains this Hindu “Kundalini” better than the unfathomable energy inside the Earth that causes earthquakes.
Just like this energy inside the Earth disrupts the outside Earth with its earthquakes, Kundalini, Self, disrupt/ distorts the body, or the mind’s perception of the body.

Just like most earthquakes are barely perceptible, rarely it can be so explosive that it vanishes a Continent … so too kundalini is mostly imperceptible but rarely explodes to vanish not only the body but its Universe with it.
When Kundalini rarely explodes to vanish the Universe … the Hindus of old called Samadhi.
-- really, Really; REALLY.