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In my previous post I had mentioned about two obstacles sorrow and joy. While joy is the cause we are here (causal world) the role of sorrow needs to be gone into in detail if the bondage to gross is to be transcended.

What is sorrow? This seems to be a superfluous question as each one experiences it and it may need no explanation. Yet this is precisely the mistake. The sorrow of the kind we are all familiar with is not the 'Sorrow' which is the bondage. Rather what appears is a result of something deeper which is of the nature of darkness, a darkness which has severed its contact with light and is afraid of it. This is the common inheritance of mankind and this energy which has submerged itself underground could be called Kundalini as the word leena means that which is in deep slumber. Kunda is a kind of pit or that which is sub or unconscious in us.

This 'Energy' (Shakti) is pinning in absence of light and though it is as if afraid of light and does not want to be disturbed could only be fulfilled by its contact with light of 'Awareness'. The union of these two is the ultimate joy. Something that keeps it apart from 'Awareness' is the first obstruction I have chosen to call 'Sorrow' as it is the mother of all misfortunes.