Knowledge & Ignorance

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If one considers pain and sorrow as problems then tradition tells us the root cause of both is ignorance. Therefore, pursuit of knowledge has no primary purpose except to remove that ignorance which is the cause of sorrow. Now knowledge by itself would be as much of an obstacle to removal of sorrow and attainment of bliss if it were to not to address this central issue of sorrow and release from it. It is probably for this reason that in Isavasya upanishad it is said that those who worship knowledge enter into greater darkness. Given below is a translation of Mantra 9 to 11.

"Into dense darkness they enter, who worship avidya, into greater darkness, as it were, they enter, who worship vidya. The results achieved through the worship of vidya and avidya are different from each other. One who knows vidya and avidya together crosses over death through avidya and becomes immortal through vidya."