Know thyself and be free

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As I discover myself more, I realize that I am become more empathic. I am able to better to feel what others are feeling. I was always able to..but now just a little bit more. It is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it hurts to know that what someone is saying to you is not what they are really wanting to say. Sometimes it hurts when you realize you are striking a nerve when that was not your intention. Sometimes you are told you are accepted, but you feel deep down that is not the case. I realize that people have become of afraid of me. I understand why. Fear is a powerful tool used by the masses. It has become second nature to fear what you dont understand. I have come to realize that truth often time sends a shiver down your spine, because it forces you to question. Which may cause you to be afraid of the answer that you already know is right.

Such bondage. I wish to free everyone from fear. Fear of death, fear of loss, fear of the unknown and especially the fear of God. The truth resonates within me and tells my heart that I can not do such a thing. It must be done individually, all i can do is hopefully inspire those that are ready. So, that I will do. My message today is this

"Be true to yourself. In order to be true to yourself , you must discover who you are. Lift up the veil of forgetfulness and remember and you will be set free. Be true to others, because if you know who you are you will know that to be true to other is really to be true to yourself."

A couple of days ago a friend asked me if I was a afraid to die. I work in the Emergency Center so death is not a stranger to us. I replied, " No I am not, I use to be but I am no longer afraid." She asked me how I came to over come my fear. I replied, " I realized that I don't believe in death or dying. How can I fear something that does not exist?"

She wondered for a moment and asked what I meant by death not existing. She stated that we see it all the time how could I say it did not exist. I replied, "Once you can answer the question, "Who am I?" you will realize your true nature and that death is more of an awakening, like from a dream and that the reality is the eternal spiritual nature of things. That which you cannot see. So I am not afraid."

"So why do you keep on living? For the experience?" she asked. " Nah," I replied. " I have experienced everything I want, I have experienced love, fatherhood, being a husband and a son. I have experienced sickness and loss and suffering...really, I am good. The only reason I continue this dream is because there are many who wish me to stay. I do it for them. When I am no longer needed, I will wake up."

"That some how makes sense to me and I agree..i always felt the same way , i just did not know why or how to explain it." she responded.

"Well when you finally know who you are, many fears and a useless things fall away, I still dont understand everything or have experienced who i exactly am , but i am already reaping the benefits." i stated.

I hope that people will look within more often. Do not be afraid to open up. Do not be afraid to hear something that you have not heard just because you might feel within yourself it is true. Do not let others tell you what to believe. Do not be afraid to feel that you will not be accepted. You will be hated for what you realize to be true because you will be free and those who claim to own the truth(see past note of the illusion of owing) are the prison of human dogma and will be jealous of your freedom and your happiness. A relationship with yourself and god is a joyful one. one I have experienced. It is amazing. Answers do not even matter to me anymore although they are still coming. I just bask in the experience. I am free.

I hope to truely experience that oneness with God and with others that has Jesus prayed us to do on a constant basis and I enjoy those brief moments of onenes even if for a second. It is worth it.

God bless,

Michaelji Wú Míng