To know nothing

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The world is not an objective thing. The illusion is that there is a perceiver exploring something outside of his consciousness, but the world forms from the inside out. To perceive is to create in the form of perception, and so there is no object outside of the act of perception itself.

If you take a look at dualistic perception, you can see that it forms in dualistic pairs because you are making it all up and there is no absolute reference in reality. It's not just polarities like good and bad that are subjectively created, your concept of light and dark is also formed only in the mind, and this becomes a sense perception, an experience.

Light is not a reality that is perceived, but rather an illusion that is imagined, and so we must also imagine the concept of dark in order to define light. All perception is imagined in this way, and so as you work your way back to the source of these concepts, you see that they arose out of absolute nothingness in self defining pairs. The entire perceptual illusion is formed with imagination and none of it objectively exists, and none of it is Real.

When we speak of Reality, we're talking about the source of thingness and concepts and perception, and this reality consists of nothingness, infinite potential. There is nothing for the mind to grasp, nothing to think about, nothing to conceptualize. There is just the Isness that you are, the I AMness without the concept of I AMness.

And so there are no levels of Reality, not energy, no matter, no atoms. These are stories mind writes and plays out in the dream of illusion, and they cannot say anything about the Truth within which these stories form; the Truth that Truth seekers seek.

To the extent that mind becomes entranced with it's own imagined understanding, it cannot let go of the illusion. It loves to learn more and imagine if it has enough knowledge, it will finally know the Truth, but the Truth is devoid of all knowledge. The goal is not to grasp more, but to let go, not to learn but to unlearn, not to contract into another mind story, but to expand into infinity with nowhere to stand, nothing to hold onto.

The goal is to know that you know precisely nothing. In this, there is no grasping of mind.

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The truth...

"the Truth is devoid of all knowledge."

In my view, that's not exactly the case. Rather, it is devoid of a knower, an owner of knowledge.

Nothing is known, because the known requires a knower. However, nothing is unknown, either! It's like a gentle, caressing silence, intimate beyond all words. Because there is nothing unknown, nothing *need be* known.

"not to learn but to unlearn"

Unlearning isn't necessary. Un-needing to learn is.

Have you known love, Phil? Then you know God. All that's left is to be Him.

Omkaradatta | Tue, 09/09/2008 - 11:06
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I said the Truth is devoid

I said the Truth is devoid of all knowledge. Tell me what knowledge is known of Truth. I agree that nothing is unknown either because Truth is seen to be devoid of all knowledge.

Unlearning is necessary because this is ignorance, or false knowledge, that keeps an imaginary individual in conflict with an illusory world.

Phroggy | Tue, 09/09/2008 - 17:20