Knots of Heart

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According to Vedanta the three knots of Heart are Ignorance (Avidya), Desire (Kama) and Action (Karma). While it may be easy to understand how the first two namely Ignorance and Desire bind, it may not be clear how Actions constitute a knot of the Heart. For a detailed study it would be sufficient to study commentary of Adi Shankara in Gita where he has gone at great length to refute that Gita promotes Karma Yoga and has said that Karma or Action done selflessly only aids in purification and is an indirect aid but Knowledge alone liberates.

In this age and time where being busy like an ant is lauded it would be difficult to imagine what would a person do if he was to drop self concern and give up entanglement with action.

In this holiday period we could well reflect on it provided we have not devised ingenious ways to be busy with nothing.