The Key to Witnessing in Meditation

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"In order to witness thoughts,
you have to allow the thinking,
you have to become
completely passive.

It is like leaving all of
the doors wide open
so the wind can flow through.

You do not try and
define the wind, understand the wind
or analyze the wind.

You do not get involved
with the content of the mind
at all.

It just flows.

If you can watch
thoughts in this way,
you will see
that there is just a flow
of thoughts.

That what you call mind
is just a flow of thoughts,
a flow of energy.

Moving by itself
without any
contraction or stress

If you are not a witness
to your thoughts,
then you believe you
are thinking your thoughts.

And the experience
of being the thinker
is completely different.

Because in being the thinker
there is always you
and everything else
and the urge to feel in control
of everything else
by knowing it.

It feels like you are always
just outside of this moment
and in conflict with this moment.

But in witnessing,
there is no stress,
no separation.

Your awareness
moves beyond the ego
and everything simply
flows like a river.

You rest as stillness
watching the flow of movement
that spontaneously arises
out of that stillness.



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