Key to Success in Life

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Success is not the key to happiness. It is happiness that is the key to success. Therefore to be successful happiness must be present within the self otherwise failure is the outcome.

Forgiving is a devine aspect of the self and it is through this aspect that happiness is born into us while we are in our interactive reality.

To forgive is not to forget the event that occur but the negative emotion that went with it when it came need be neutralized and become powerless to induce hurt feelings.

A good way to test our self if we have forgiven our self or others is to recall the event from our memories and if during the recall negative emotion is still felt or resurfaced forgiveness did not occur.

Realized that happiness can only be found from inside us not from outside or any person around us. The truth of the matter is that it is the product of our own thought or vibrations that which the laws of attraction responds.

We are responsible for all of our own actions and likewise we are responsible for our thoughts that which determine our actions. Thoughts being the product of our beliefs determines our actions. This chain of mental process must be fully understood to be able to gain control of the manifestations of desires.

Understanding that we are vibrational beings and that the universe is responding to us through our vibrations only.