The Key to Spiritual Growth in a Poem

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During William LePar's trances his spiritual source, The Council, often presented little gems of wisdom. Many times they appear to be in the form of a poem. On William LePar's website we post a quote each month. If you would like to see all of the past quotes, I am sure that you will find them of value, here is the direct link -!quote-month/c1i6l
On the website you will see a PDF symbol to the right of the current quote. Just click on it for all previous quotes. Please feel free to share these quotes.

The Council:

The only key to growth,
Spiritual growth,
Is love.

The only action
To spiritual growth
Is love.

The only way or effort To spiritual growth,
And at-one-ment with
The Divine Father
Is love.

A simple word,
Yet a word
That encompasses so much,
And so completely,
That even a breath from your lungs
Can be an act of love.

And if this be the case,
Then even your unconscious
Can be a minister
Of love and healing.

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Wonderful! Absolutely


Absolutely true!!

True Gift of GOD!!!

bonya basu | Mon, 02/18/2013 - 06:27