A Key to Spiritual Awakening: Fall in Love with Peace

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"When you fall in love with this peace,
you're home free.

When you're not in love with this peace,
then no matter what you attain,
what you experience,
it will not fully satisfy you.

When you fall in love with something/someone,
when it is genuine,
and not just based on needy attachment,
then it doesn't matter
if you are always with them or not.

Because whether you are with them
or not with them,
they are in your heart.

Even if they pass away,
they remain in your heart.

In the same way,
if you taste what is at the essence of this moment
whether you taste it as
peace, love, bliss, silence or consciousness
and you truly fall in love with it,
then no matter what degree you
do or don't experience it,
it is always in your heart.

And therefore, it never leaves you;
it's never separate from you.

Mere attainment, knowledge,
often leads to arrogance.
Not always, but often.

But if you fall in love with it,
truly, genuinely,
then what can ever truly be said
about that love?

What can be said about that joy?

It is beyond all words.

Much Love,


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