KATHA UPANISHAD- Part I, Chapter 3: The Path to Knowledge of the REAL

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The Katha Upanishad (Kathopanishad - Part I, Chapter 3)

The Path to Knowledge of the REAL

(1) There are two that partake of the Cosmic Order in the World of good deeds. Both have entered into the secret Cave (of the heart) in the superior, the upper worlds of being. Those who know the Secret Teachings (Brahmavidah--those who know the one ultimate Reakity) and those Five-Fired ones (the Good Householders who work in the five levels or with the five principles of the manifest reality) who have kindled the triple Nachiketas Fire (the Kundalini creative serpent-fire), know them as Light (Mahat--the projection of the Shanta Atman--the Silent Witness) and Shade (Buddhi--the intuitive Inner Knower or Jnana Atman). [In the terminology of mystic masonry, these are the Sons of Seth and the Sons of Cain.]
(2) We are able to master that Nachaketas Fire which is the Bridge of those who sacrifice, and which (leads to) the highest imperishable Brahman, the fearless Other Shore for those who wish to cross.
(3) Know the innermost Spiritual Self (Atman)--the ONE LIFE--as Lord of the Chariot, the physical body as the Chariot itself; know the Inner Intuitive knower (Buddhi) to be the Charioteer and the concrete mind (Manas) as the Reins.
(4) The senses and emotions, they say, are the Horses, the inner and outer sense-objects the Path on which they run. The innermost Spiritual Self (Atman)--the ONE LIFE--united to senses and mind is said by the wise to be the Experiencer (bhokta) (the master or Passenger).
(5) He who is without intuitive judgment and whose mind (Manas) is not constantly controlled, his senses and emotions become unmanageable like the vicious horses of a charioteer.
(6) But he who has intuitive judgment, whose mind is ever held firm, his senses and emotions are controllable like the good horses of a charioteer.
(7) He who is without intuitive judgment and is of uncontrolled mind, ever impure, he does not reach the ultimate goal but wanders in the Ocean of the World.
(8) But he who has intuitive judgment and is of controlled mind, ever pure, he attains that goal (padam) (of Conscious Immortality) whence he is born no more.
(9) The man (or woman) who has intuitive judgment as his or her Charioteer, and the mind as Reins, gains the End of the Road. That is the Supreme Abode of the All-Pervading Spirit (Vishnu--the ONE LIFE--the Fire of the Father).

(10) (Higher than inertial matter and form are the active working senses;)
Higher than these senses are the (subtle) objects of sense (the thought-forms projected by the imagination onto the desire nature);
Higher than those objects is the (concrete) mind (Manas) (which projected them);
Higher than Manas (the concrete mind) is the Buddhi (Intuition--the Inner Knower--Root Earth);
Higher than Buddhi (the Intuition) is the Great Self (Mahat Atman) (the Great World Soul--Hiranyagarbha--the Divine Cosmic Pattern or World Order--the Divine Spirit--Son/Daughter--Root Air);
(11) Higher than the Mahat (this "Great Self") is the Unmanifest (Chaos--the First Matter of the Absolute--the Divine Mother or Celestial Virgin--the Matrix or Mother-Space of the Objective World--Root Water);
Higher than the Unmanifest (Chaos) is the Purusha (the ONE LIFE--the pure Spirit of the innermost SELF--Shanta Atman--the Peaceful I AM, the Silent Witness--the Divine Father-Root Fire),
Than the Purusha (this ONE LIFE) there is nothing higher.
He is the End (the Pillar marking the boundary of the Great Void of the Absolute), He the ultimate (Reality) (and Supreme) Goal.

(12) Hidden in all things, this Atman (the ONE LIFE) is yet not visible. He is to be seen, however, by the keen and subtle Buddhi (inner vision) of those who are seers of the subtle (the REAL).

(13) The wise should dissolve Speech (and all of the senses with their inner and outer objects) in the Manas (concrete mind), and that (Manas or mind) (then dissolved) in the Knowledge-Self (Jnana Atman, Buddhi or intuitive Inner Knower). That (intuitional) "Knowledge Self" he should dissolve in the Great Self (Mahat Atman, Divine Cosmic Pattern or Hiranyagarbha) and that (dissolved) in the Shanta Atman (Silent Witness or innermost Spirit) or Peaceful Self (the ONE LIFE).