KAS1 Safeties Protocol Installment #2

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Programming (TV, movies, books, music, friends, family, society)
In our culture we are seeing and reading and hearing, from various sources, many negative and fear evoking forms of entertainment, news and communications. This is not helpful when a person is newly activated with the Kundalini. Fear, excessive lust, hateful attitudes, can be quite painful and damaging to the new Kundalyn energies and many unfortunate events can be created by the Kundalini exposed to such energies. So, no scary movies, or books or radio shows unless you want to experience them in real-time with you as the unwitting star. Music that is angry, hateful or hurtful despite its sweet melodies, need to be curtailed. Inter familial problems are sometimes hard to dismiss. Try as much as possible to bring love, peace and forgiveness into your daily and nightly life. I know, it sounds difficult, but just make it a priority and it will be extremely beneficial to you and your Kundalini. Setting the best pattern for the energy to follow in its transformation of your life.

Food choices

Pay attention to the new tastes and desires your body begins to have. If you have been a vegetarian and you start having an interest in beef. Well, try to find some organic beef and eat it, love it and bless the animal that has given the ultimate gift for you. The Kundalini needs what is in that meat in order to advance your activation. Or if the opposite is true you're a meat eater and the Kundalyn Energies wish for you to become a vegetarian, don't hesitate! Find yourself a great organic market or farmers market and eat like a rabbit! Really, you will be much happier, I promise. This may last only for a short time and then it may switch back as your activation progresses into an awakening. The Kundalini will let you know in no uncertain terms.
Root vegetables

Please begin to eat root vegetables: Carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, jicama, potatoes, onions, celery root, garlic, ginseng, ginger. Also eat plenty of water and watermelon to ease the strain on the kidneys. Juices of the roots are also good.

Dance or do Tai Chi or Yoga. These activities nurture the energy in your body, filling the cells and stretching the muscles. Actively practice hands on healing, volunteer, be active, and move! Play or walk but do not sit and be a couch potato. That can lead to a stagnant energy response, and you don't want that, trust me.
Pain through not moving the energy by Master Chrism

I cannot begin to describe how important it is for a person to move the energy. In movement there is a constant flow of energy and Kundalini is responsive to this movement.

What do I mean by moving the energy?

Service towards others is one way. Doing for others (as is appropriate) without regard for being repaid in kind. Selfless acts of kindness have a direct effect upon a person's flow. Love moves the Kundalini. Love for another but without the attachments that we often form in relationships that carry with them expectation. Other aspects of love such as forgiveness; conscious tolerance or graciousness that is practiced in a conscious format in the daily existence; sacrifice as a way of helping; giving assistance, not just to people but to all of creation: animals, insects, fish, plants, fungus, bacteria virus, dirt, air, water, fire, prana, etheric and other less dense forms of creation ad infinitum, all move the Kundalini.

Raising the Kundalini and then sitting with it, physically sitting with it, without movement based in the activities of love can cause pain. It is a kind of pain that isn't able to be measured by medical science. The medical community would label it a ‘phantom’ pain or a form of neuralgia. It can come in many different forms and is as much in this state an amplifier as it is say in the emotional body or mental expressions.

Please understand that with great gifts come even greater responsibilities.

So too much of a slow flow or stagnant flow in the head can begin to super conduct or burn areas of the physical body in the head or crown and this will be felt as pain; sometimes unrelenting pain. So please, as best you can, begin to move the Kundalini. Help people and by doing so you help yourself. There are other ways to move the Kundalini and please do not interpret my meaning as being that the Kundalini doesn't move on its own, it does. But consciousness also has the responsibility of moving it throughout the expressive systems. Do this and it will flow in a way that is beneficial; do not do this and various explosive episodes may be experienced from any one or more of the five bodies of expression. Any of these areas can experience a hyper Kundalini event. How a person's pain comes to them will typically be individual and will depend on the unique dynamics of that person.

Kundalini isn't to be raised and then put into the ‘Accomplishment Bank.’ This is another major difference between Kundalini and other spiritual energetic formats. Kundalini is also a consciousness in and of itself.

So it is a triple platform of interaction consisting of the:

1. Agenda of the Kundalini upgrade of all the five bodies
2. The consciousness of the individual
3. The consciousness of the Kundalini

Within this platform is where we learn to live and express in a harmonious fashion the choices and agendas of the higher principles. I will caution anyone against ever feeling as if they can take advantage of the Kundalini. It is very powerful and smart. And it knows the person better than the self knows itself.

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